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Slang in Hindi – II Posted by on Aug 10, 2014 in Hindi Language

Let me show you the second post on Slag in Hindi. You can see the first post on Slang in Hindi here. I have omitted certain abuses from this post to keep it from profanity. If you are interested in the abuses, let me know. This topic is divided into two posts and this post is the first part of the topic.

नॉन-वेज  – Non-Veg.(noun)  – dirty joke or a risqué.

पकाऊ – Pakaau (noun)  – an annoying, chatty person or a boring activity or thing e.g pakaau movie is a boring movie.

पंगा लेना – Panga lena (verb) – To mess with someone or something.

पटाका – Pataka (noun)  – Firecracker  – used mostly for women.

पटाना – Patana (verb) – to woo someone.

फट गयी – Phat Gayi (adverb) –  Got scared

फेंकना – Phenkna (noun) –  To lie blatantly.

फेंकू – Phenku (verb) – person who lie blatantly

फोड़ डालना – Phod dalana (verb) – To be beaten black and blue.

फ़ोन लगाऊँ क्या? – Phone lagaoon kya? –  A threat to call an authority figure, e.g. parents or boss.

फूट ले – Phutt le –  The imperative “get out”.

रास्ता नाप  – Raasta naap – literal meaning is to measure the road; get moving fast.

रायता फैलाना  – Raita felana (verb) – to make a mess

रिश्वत – Rishwat (noun)  – Bribe.

सड़क छाप – Sadak chhaap (noun)  – Street vintage

सही है। – Sahi hai  – be cool. Sometime also used sarcastically to mean, whatever I don’t care.

सती – सावित्री – Sati Savitri (noun) – a girl or woman who is a goody-two-shoes.

सीधा-साधा – Seedha-Saadha (noun) – a decent male person

सीधी-साधी – Seedhi-Saadhi  (noun) – a decent female person

सेंटी – Senti  (noun) – abbreviation for sentimental

स्टेपनी – Stepney (noun)  – Spare tire or Mistress or third wheel of 2-wheeler.

सनकी – Sanki (noun)  – Eccentric person

सुट्टा – Sutta (noun)  – Cigarette

ताड़ना – Taadna (verb)  – to stare

टशन  – tashan (noun) – Style

तानसेन की औलाद – Tansen ki aaulad (noun) – someone who is good at music

ठण्ड रख  – Thand rakh  – Stay calm or keep a cool head.

ठरकी – Tharki(noun)  – someone with abnormal sexual desires

ठर्रा  – Tharra (noun) – Country liquor.

ठेका – Theka (noun) – liquor shop

ठोक देना  – Thok dena (verb) –  to beat someone up

ठुल्ले  – Thulle (noun) –  Cops

टाइमपास  – Timepass (noun)  –  hobby, pastime

टीप-टॉप  – Tip top (noun) –  in good shape

तो मैं नाचूँ? – To main nachoon?  – a sarcasm, which literally means what should I do, should I dance?

उड़ा  लेना  – Uda lena (verb) –  to steal something

वेला  – Vela (noun)  – a jobless person

यार – Yaar (noun) – a friend

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  1. Shawn Dreelin:

    I remember a scene in the movie Bunty Aur Babli where Amitabh’s character ask the person he was interviewing “Tell me a joke, non-veg”. Now I get it. These are cool to know.

  2. Sonali:

    Very nice