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The use of Metaphors, Similes in Hindi using References to Nature Posted by on Mar 20, 2018 in Hindi Language

Songs from Hindi cinema are filled with metaphors, and many of these are derived from nature. Newfound love नया प्यार (nayaa pyaar) is compared to the first rain पहली बारिश (pehli baarish) of the season. Loneliness तन्हाई (tanhaai) is likened to the desert रेगिस्तान (registaan). Impending trouble or sorrow दुःख-दर्द (dukh-dard) hangs overhead like rain clouds मेघ (megh). Youth जवानी  (jawaani) is like a bud waiting to spring into bloom कली का खिलना (kali ka khilnaa).

Here are some examples in Hindi movie songs:

Asian Koel (Image by Saud Faisal on Flickr.com)

Koyal si teri boli …
कोयल सी तेरी बोली …
(You sing/speak sweetly like the cuckoo.)

कोयल = koyal/koel bird
कोयल सी = koyal si/koel si; like the koel bird
तेरी बोली = teri boli; your voice / words
यह चाँद सा रोशन चेहरा …
(This face, bright like the moon.)
यह = yeh; his
चाँद = chaand; moon
चाँद सा = chaand sa; like the moon
रोशन = roshan; bright
चेहरा = chehraa; face
मेरे नैना सावन भादो …
(My eyes are like the monsoon months Saavan/Shravan and Bhado/Bhadrapad.)

मेरे = mere; my
नैना = naina; eyes
सावन = saavan; the Hindu month of Shravan
भादो = bhaado; the Hindu month of Bhadrapad
चौदहवीं का चाँद हो या आफ़ताब हो
(Are you [your beauty like that of] the full moon or the sun … )
चौदहवीं = fchaudahvin; fourteenth
का = ka; of
चाँदchaand; moon
चौदहवीं का चाँद = chaudahvin ka chaand; the full moon
या = ya; or
आफ़ताब (Urdu) = aaftab; sun

In addition to these, here are some more words describing various objects in nature.


चाँद/ चंदाchaand/chandamoon
सूरज की रोशनीsuraj ki roshnithe brightness of the sun
 कोयलkoel/koyalthe koel bird
पंछी / पाखीpancchi/paakhibird
चिड़िया chidiyabird
झील का कँवलjheel ka kanwaljheel = lake;
kanwal = lotus
 बादल / मेघ / बदराbaadal/megh/badraclouds
पतझड़ patjhadautumn
बसंत basantspring
सावन saavanmonsoon
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