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Time Adverbials Posted by on May 16, 2010 in Hindi Language

The meaning “after” can be expressed with words like बाद :

afterwards – बाद में

after that – उसके बाद

Here are some time adverbials that occurred in the past :

last month – पिछले महीने

last year – पिछले साल

There are also some time adverbials that express “before” or “at first”

before that – उस से पहले

formerly, at first – पहले

There are time adverbials that express meanings that happen at a certain period of time :

on that day – उस दिन

in what year – किस  साल

There are time adverbials that express the time of day :

in the morning – सनेरे

in the afternoon – दोपहर को

at night – रात को

on Sunday – इतनार को

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