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Vocabulary in Hindi – Clothes Posted by on Mar 19, 2013 in Hindi Language

Do you know how to call shirt or Scarf in Hindi?

Clothes are essential items in our daily life and you might be wondering if your vocabulary is good enough to describe these items. So, lets have a revision for those who have already learned these words or verbs and new vocabulary for those who wish to learn them.

Vocabulary related to the clothes and related items in Hindi are:

Dress – पोशाक (Paushaak) or कपडे (kapade)
Skirt – स्कर्ट (Skirt)
Blouse – ब्लाउज (Blouse)
Socks – मोज़े (Maunje)
Shoe – जूता (Juta)
Shoes – जूते (Jute)
Shoelace – फीता (Phita) (फीते – Phite)
Boots – जूते (Jute)
Sandals – जूती (Juti)
High heels Sandals – ऊँची एड़ी की जूती (Ucchi aedi ki jutien)
Slipper – चप्पल (Chappal)
Slippers – चप्पलें (Chappalen)
Leather Jacket – चमड़े की जैकेट (Chamade ki jacket)
Glove – दस्ताना (Dastaana)
Gloves – दस्ताने (Dastaane)
Vest – बनयान (Banyaan)
Underpants – जांघिया (Jaanghiya)
Knickers – कच्छा (Kaccha)
Bra – चोली (Choli)
Swimming costume – तैराकी की पोशाक (Taeraki ki pauschak)
Pyjamas (origin Hindi!) – पाजामा (Pyjama)
Hat – टोपी (Topi)
Cap – टोपी (Topi)
Scarf – दुपट्टा (Duppata)
Coat – कोट (Coat)
Overcoat – ओवरकोट (Overcoat)
Jacket – जैकेट (Jaket)
Trousers (a pair of trousers) – पतलून (Patloon) or पेंट (Pent)
Suit – सूट (Suit)
Shorts – कच्छा (Kaccha)
Jeans – जीन्स (Jeans)
Shirt – कमीज़ (Kameez)
Tie – टाई (Tie)
T-shirt – टीशर्ट (T-shirt)
Raincoat – रेनकोट (Raincoat)
Pullover – स्वेटर (Sweater)
Sweater – स्वेटर (Sweater)

Other important words or verbs related to clothes:

to wear – पहनना (Pehnna)
to put on – पहनना (Pehnna),
to take off – उतारना (Utaarna)
to get dressed – कपडे पहनना (Kapade pehnna)
to get undressed – कपडे उतारना (Kapade utaarna)

tight – तंग (tang)
loose – ढीला (Dhila)

button – बटन (button)
cloth – कपड़ा (Kapada)
Thread – धागा (Dhaaga)
Sewing – सिलाई (Silaai)
Knitting – बुनाई (Bunaai)

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