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Flavors of Indian Restaurant Posted by on Mar 25, 2013 in Hindi Language

Have you gone for Indian meal yet or still not sure what you will find in the Indian restaurant? Let me help you here.

Diversity of races, religions, cultures, weather, and terrains have given a lot of variety to Indian cuisine. Indian cuisine as such offers huge variety of tastes to savor. It is impossible to cover all of dishes so I will show you only some of the most popular traditional Indian dishes, desert. drinks etc which are available in Indian restaurant in India and abroad.

Starters – Appetizers – Snacks
पापड़ (Paapad) – traditional rice or lentil based cracker. Usually enjoyed with Chutney.
पकोड़ा (Pakora) – a deep fried snack with vegetable or bread or fish or meat.
पकोड़ी (Pakori) – smaller version of Pakora
छोले भटूरे (pl. Chole Bhature). Deep fried bread with cooked Chickpeas.
समोसे (pl. Samose – ) / समोसा (sin. Samosa) – A very popular deep fried stuffed snacks.
दही (Dahi) – Yoghurt – Many people take yoghurt with their meal in India during summer.
चटनी (Chutney). Chutney. Many varieties are available. Coconut, Mint, Red Chilli Chutney (very hot!) are very popular.
अचार (Achaar) – Pickle. Many varieties of pickles are available but Mango pickle is very popular.

Traditional Drinks:
लस्सी (Lassi) – a traditional yogurt-based drink which is usually preferred during summer season. This is usually taken during meal.
चाय (Chai). Black tea with milk and sugar is taken at the end of the meal.

Native Hindi population wheat based flat soft breads. These flat breads are always freshly made and served with the cooked dishes. Some of the varieties of these breads which you will find in the restaurant are made on Frying Pan – तवा (Tawaa) or Clay Oven – तंदूर (Tandoor):

Frying Pan – तवा (Tawaa):
रोटी (Roti) – This one is most common and usually cooked daily in Indian household.
रूमाली रोटी (Rumali Roti) – This bread is big, soft, and almost as thin as Roomal (Handkerchief). Therefore, the name Roomali Roti.
परांठा (Parantha)  – Stuffed flat bread which are made with variety of stuffing. Some of the most popular stuff breads are:
आलू का परांठा (Aloo Ka Parantha – Bread with mashed Potato with onions and species), गोबी का परांठा (Gobi Ka Parantha – Bread with mashed Cauliflower, onions and species), मूली का परांठा (Muli Ka Parantha – Bread with grated white radish and species)

Clay Oven – तंदूर (Tandoor):
तंदूरी नान (Naan) – This the most popular bread which is soft and tastes great with non-vegetarian dishes.
तंदूरी रोटी (Tanduri Roti) – A variant of normal Roti which is prepared in Tandoor.

Non- Vegetarian Dishes:
Indian non-vegetarian dishes are world famous for their taste and spices.

तंदूरी मुर्गा / चिकन (Tandoori Murga/Chicken) – Marinated in traditional spices and then roasted in clay over (Tandoor) at high temperature.
मीट (Meet), बकरे का मीट (Bakare Ka Meet), मटन (Mutton) – Curry based Mutton dish. Many variety exist.
चिकन टिक्का (Chicken Tikka) – boneless marinated Chicken cooked in Tandoori oven.
सींख कबाब (Sinkh Kabaab) – Roasted Grilled Beef
बटर चिकन (Butter Chicken) – Curry based Chicken dish.
कड़ाही चिकन (Kadahi Chicken) – Curry based Chicken dish which is extra fried in a big frying pan (कड़ाही – Kadahi)

चावल (Chawal) – Rice.
Tip: Just ask for traditional Basmati Rice, the traditional Indian rice which are renowned for their taste and aroma.

Vegetarian Dishes:
Many Indians are vegetarian because of their religion (Hinduism) and they prefers vegetarian dishes. All Indian resturant cooks many vegetarian dishes.

दाल (Daal) – Lentil with traditional spices, onions, tomatoes, garlic etc. Indian loves lentils. Many lentils are cooked at all restaurants (as well at homes) and served with rice or Roti.
साग (Saag ) – Leaf-based dish made of spinach, mustard leaf, Basella, etc.
मक्खनी दाल (Makhani Daal) – Lentil

मटर आलू (Matar Aloo) – Curry based dish with Green peas with Potato.
मटर पनीर (Matar Paneer) – Curry based dish fresh cottage Cheese with green Peas
शाही पनीर (Shaahi Paneer – Thick curry based dish fresh cottage Cheese


हलवा (गाज़र का हलवा, सूजी का हलवा, मुंग की दल का हलवा) – Dense Confections made from Semolina, lentil or nuts.
खीर (Kheer) – Milk Rice with dry fruits.

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