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Vocabulary in Hindi – Crime and the Law Posted by on Sep 30, 2013 in Hindi Language

How would you describe a topic on a crime or the law in Hindi? Do you know enough vocabulary on this topic? If not, let me show you basic vocabulary in crime (अपराध – Apradh) and law (नियम – Niyam) in Hindi.

The following list (सूची – Suchi) contain Hindi vocabulary (शब्दावली – Shabdaavali) related to religion. English words and their translations (अनुवाद – Anuvaad) into Hindi (in Devanagari script) are given along with their pronunciations (उच्चारण – Ucchaaran) in Hindi. Hope you’ll learn many new words in Hindi with this post.

English Hindi Romanized Hindi
Arrest पकड़ना Pakaṛanā
Charge प्रभार Prabhār
Convict सिद्धदोष Sid’dhadōṣ
Guilt अपराध Aparādh
Innocent निर्दोष Nirdōṣ
Judge न्यायाधीश N’yāyādhīś
Prosecute अभियोग चलाना Abhiyōg chalānā
Sentence वाक्य Vāky
Suspect संदिग्ध Sandigdh
Testify साक्ष्य देना Sākṣy dēnā
Trial परीक्षण Parīkṣaṇ
Verdict निर्णय Nirṇay
Victim शिकार Śikār
Witness साक्षी Sākṣī
Accuse दोषारोपण करना Dōṣārōpaṇ karanā
Admit स्वीकार करना Svīkār karanā
Allege आरोपित करना Ārōpit karanā
Assault हमला Hamalā
Confess कबूल करना Kabūla karanā
Jail कारागार Kārāgār
Kidnap अपहरण करना Apaharaṇ karanā
Outlaw डाकू Ḍākū
Prove सिद्ध करना Sid’dh karanā
Punish दंड देना Daṇḍ dēnā
Raid छापा Chāpā
Rob लूटना Lūṭanā
Steal चुराना Churānā
Abuse दुष्प्रयोग Duṣprayōg
Clue सूत्र Sūtr
Condemn भर्त्सना Bhartsanā
Court न्यायालय N’yāyālay
Crime अपराध Aparādh
Frame ढांचा Ḍhān̄chā
Penalty दंड Daṇḍ
Prison कारागार Kārāgāra
Prostitute वेश्या Vēśyā
Rape बलात्कार Balātkār
Sue अभियोग चलाना Abhiyōg chalānā
Smuggle तस्करी करना Taskarī karanā
Thief चोर Chōr
Threat धमकी Dhamakī
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