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Vocabulary in Hindi – Positive Traits – I Posted by on Jun 27, 2015 in Hindi Language

Defining someone’s traits is important to define their personality and we do it all the time. And I am sure that many of you who are learning Hindi would like to do the same, that is, describing others personalities in Hindi.

In this post, I will show you the vocabulary for expressing positive traits. Don’t forget to practice the pronunciation of the words as shown in the Romanized spellings.

English Hindi Romanized Spelling
Adaptable अनुकूलनीय Anukulaniy
Adventurous साहसी Sahasi
Affable मिलनसार Milanasar
Affectionate प्रीतिमय, प्यारा Pritimay, Pyara
Agreeable सहमत Sahamata
Ambitious महत्त्वाकांक्षी Mahattvaakanksi
Amiable सौम्य Saumya
Amicable मैत्रीपूर्ण Maitripurn
Amusing मनोरंजक Manoranjak
Brave बहादुर Bahadur
Bright उज्ज्वल Ujjval
Broad-Minded उदार Udaar
Calm शांत Saant
Careful सावधान Saavadhaan
Charming मनभावन Manabhaavan
Communicative मिलनसार Milanasaar
Compassionate दयालु Dayaalu
Confident आत्मविश्वासी Aatmavisvaasi
Conscientious ईमानदार Imaandaar
Considerate विचारशील Vicharasil
Convivial आनंदमय Aanandamay
Courageous साहसिक Saahasik
Courteous विनम्र Vinamra
Creative रचनात्मक Racanaatmak
Decisive निर्णयात्मक Nirnayaatmak
Determined निर्धारित Nirdhaarit
Diligent मेहनती Mehanati
Diplomatic राजनयिक Rajanayik
Discreet विचारशील Vicharasil
Dynamic गतिशील,
Gatisila, Kriyaasil
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