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Poem in Hindi – Maa Posted by on Jun 28, 2015 in Hindi Language

Today, there is an easy poem that you can try to comprehend it. The poet, Gopal Krishn Bhatt is describing various experience of a person with her mother from her childhood days till she grows up to be an adult.

Below is the poem in Devanagari fonts (Hindi) with the literal translation in English. I hope that you will try to comprehend the poem with the given explanation. So, here it is.

कविता (Kavita – Poem) : माँ (Maa  – Mother)
कवि (Kavi – Poet) : गोपाल कृष्‍ण भट्ट ‘आकुल’ (Gopal Krishn Bhatt ‘Aakul’)

माँ आँखों से ओझल होती,
आँखें ढूँढ़ा करती रोती।
वो आँखों में स्‍वप्‍न सँजोती,
हर दम नींद में जगती सोती।

Mother disappears from the eyes,
eyes would crying while looking for her.
She decorates dreams in her eyes,
and in every moment of her sleep, she sleeps and wakes up.

वो मेरी आँखों की ज्‍योति‍,
मैं उसकी आँखों का मोती।
कि‍तने आँचल रोज भि‍गोती,
वो फि‍र भी ना धीरज खोती।

She is the light of my eyes,
I am pearl of her eyes.
how many laps have she daily got wet,
even then she doesn’t lose her patience.

कहता घर मैं हूँ इकलौती,
दादी की मैं पहली पोती।
माँ की गोदी स्‍वर्ग मनौती,
क्‍या होता जो माँ ना होती।

The house tells that I am the only child,
first granddaughter of my grandmother.
the heavenly laps of mother,
what would be if mother have not been around.

नहीं जरा भी हुई कटौती,
गंगा बन कर भरी कठौती।
बड़ी हुई मैं हँसती रोती,
आँख दि‍खाती जो हद खोती।

there was no shortage,
shortage was filled with water from river Ganges.
I laughed and cried while growing,
throwing a tantrum if I felt impatient.

शब्‍द नहीं माँ कैसी होती,
माँ तो बस माँ जैसी होती।
आज हूँ जो, वो कभी न होती,
मेरे संग जो माँ ना होती।।

No word to describe how mother would be,
mother would have been just like mother.
today I am, that wouldn’t be possible,
if mother wouldn’t be with me.

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  1. Krishnaa:

    Its really awesome.
    Mothers r childrens life.
    Nd children’s r her life.
    Her love is unconditional.
    She is amazing.
    No words to describe.
    What to say for a mother ,
    She is just d way she is
    We Change even but her love is everlasting.
    Love u mom
    Love u so much.

  2. pratham:

    Awesome poem.I love it .

  3. virat kohli:

    dedicated to mother hi friends how iam captaining test team please reply

  4. eish agarwal:

    Very nice poem…

  5. jaswant:

    It’s really awesome, I can’t describe about my mom,she is very important in my life,i cannot live without her,nd I say to my mom”Tum jiyo hajaro saal,saal k din ho ek hazar”. Love mom

  6. divya:

    i love u maa

    • Rakesh panigrahi:

      @divya I love u maa nice poem

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    I love you maa

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    I like these poem dedicate for mother

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    I love u move.i c’nt live with u mom.there Siva mega is a

  14. Kanhu Mal Bishoi:

    Fantastic poem on mother.
    Love you mom

  15. janvee:

    I love u maaa sooooooo much

  16. warda:

    Its dedicated to all lovely mothers. My mother is very very important in my life. I love her very much.

  17. ada:

    I also can’t live without my mother she always take car of us.
    My mother is most awesome mom in the world .

  18. nihaika:

    very nice poem. i cant explain in words.luv your captaince virat kohli.

    • khadija:

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    • sohail:

      @khadija ameen

      Allah ham sab ki maa ko do jaha ki khusi nasib ata frmae allah hamari nasib m merte dam tak unki khidmat nsib frmay
      Allah hamri khusiya v hanri hazrt walda ko ata frmay
      Ohnhe tandrosti ata frmay

  20. jitesh:

    Dear its marathi poem today’s lucky day for me todays my mom b’day lv u mom
    Aai unachi savali(sadow)
    Aai sukhacha sagar
    Nilya(blue) akashya(sky) evdha
    Ticha mayecha padar……

    these line dedicated to my mom
    Love u mom

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    It is heart touching lines b i love mom……again n again…

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