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Komið þið sæl! Posted by on Apr 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

Greetings from Iceland! I’m Hulda and I’m the newest addition to the language blogging team, nice to meet you all!

I’ve only lived here for a short while – a bit over a year – but in that time alone the country and its people have totally won me over.  I have been writing so much about the country before that now beginning to write a blog that’s concentrating solely on Iceland and Icelandic seemed very natural. There’s a lot to write about after all and many things to show, so much that I have trouble deciding where to begin, but perhaps I’ll simply introduce myself a bit better to get things started.

Most people who move to Iceland do it for one of the three reasons of work, studies or love. Mine happens to be the third: I met and fell in love with an Icelander and decided to move in with him. I also applied for and got accepted in the University of Iceland to study Icelandic and I’m currently on the second year in my studies. My language skills are perhaps nothing to boast about yet but I’m already on a very practical level of language usage and I hope I’ll be able to provide you all with something interesting and worthwhile here in this blog regarding language studies.

I currently live in the capital city, Reykjavík. It’s a small, quirky town full of art, music and surprises and a mayor whose CV includes Prumpulagið (= Fart Song), dressing up as a woman on Kvennafrídagur (= Women’s Day Off) (a very specific occasion in Iceland and not to be confused with the annual Women’s Day) and much, much more. It’s changing so fast with theme weekends, little happenings, art exhibitions/projects/etc. that it’s never quite certain what you’ll find there. The only warning I might be able to give to those considering travelling here is that the prices are on the expensive side and that Icelandic customer service is an experience that is best met with a good sense of humour and a little bit of extra time. 😀

I like to travel around a lot so expect many photos from the countryside, shores and highlands. During the short time I’ve lived here I’ve already experienced a volcanic eruption, countless earthquakes, more amazing nature than I thought possible to fit in a country so small and a weather so unstable it gives a whole new meaning to the word “unstable”. I’ll try my best to report about things as they happen, because happen they will, and hopefully I’ll also manage to entertain you a little bit while I’m at it.

Sjáumst – see you!

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About the Author: hulda

Hi, I'm Hulda, originally Finnish but now living in the suburbs of Reykjavík. I'm here to help you in any way I can if you're considering learning Icelandic. Nice to meet you!