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Strange photos Posted by on Mar 27, 2012 in Icelandic culture

I’m slowly working on some posts that require research and double-checking from books that I may-or-may-not have at home, so while those are being made I’ll post some things like this post instead. Today you get “strange or interesting things I’ve taken photos of in Iceland”.

By the pond in Reykjavík. The little house even lights up. Actually this little house reminds me of a very similar house that was supposed to represent racism in Sweden – it was a little house like this, with a Swedish flag attached, floating in some water.

The bus stop at the University of Iceland is a giant advertisement and has been ever since I first saw it. Before, it just had some writing on the glass and a regular paper advertisement on the inside. It lights up as of sometime last year when they installed the screen, but when the weather is too cold the sign inside actually freezes and doesn’t change anymore.

All I can say is that Iceland seems to like lighting things up.

This was a movie being shown at night inside the church right on the edge of the pond.

This was a looping film of a boat and some water, also being shown in a strange place downtown. I forget what this building is though.

This is supposedly a “rainbow cake” recipe found in a women’s magazine. I’m not sure why three colours are considered rainbow.

Plants growing from a roof-drain.

Roof under construction.

Painting a roof. Not sure why they didn’t paint it a similar colour as the old version.

Upside-down price tag. Actually I see things like this a lot at Bónus, sometimes I wonder if someone goes around doing it for a joke.

The island in the middle of the pond, full of seagulls.

A wall at the harbour dedicated to breast-feeding.

In the basement floor of the Nordic House library, Iceland has been rubbed off of the globe.

An entire mini recipe book dedicated to cheese meals, including cheese soup. This has something like ten pages. It claims that cheese will make almost any meal healthier.

To close, a common dice game in Icelandic.

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