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Lost in Reykjavík Posted by on Jul 14, 2016

The tourist season is at its highest peak while July is here and will probably continue to be so to the end of August. Already we see the results at the place I work at, although we’re not in the tourist business by any stretch. Having a business on the ground floor in an area…

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Iceland’s Prime Minister scandal. Posted by on Apr 4, 2016

By now I’m sure most of you already know what’s going on in Iceland right this moment, but for those who don’t, Reykjavík Grapevine has summed it all up really well here. Icelanders’ immediate reaction was of course anger and not just that, anger that called for action. Anger that called for pots and pans…

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Don’t die at Reynisfjara. Posted by on Feb 11, 2016

At the south point of Iceland, at the little town of Vík í Mýrdal, spreads Reynisfjara, an amazing black sand beach that includes the famous Reynisdrangar stone pillars and a huge basalt column cliff Garðar. It’s easy to reach, just a few hours drive south from Reykjavík along Ring Road 1, and one of the most…

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The coat of arms of Iceland – monsters ahoy! Posted by on Mar 5, 2015

In Medieval times Icelandic noblemen had their own coat of arms assigned to them by the ruler of the time, King of Norway, but today no Icelander is allowed to carry a personal heraldic symbol. No, not even if they can prove a family connection to the early nobles of Iceland (which, considering how small the gene pool of…

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Our pools are hotter than yours. Posted by on Sep 25, 2012

“I would like to point out one aspect of our trip which left us (the majority of our party) feeling… well… a bit violated. It is the practice of having your guests strip nude in front of other people in order to swim in the geo-thermal pools. …I am a clean person, who bathes regularly…

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These roads were not always here. Posted by on Aug 23, 2012

When looking at the map of Iceland there’s one unusual thing that easily catches the eye: there don’t seem to be many, if any, roads in the middle of the country. Most of them go around Iceland along the main road called Þjóðvegur 1 or Hringvegurinn (= Ring Road), and the few that venture inlands…

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Menningarnótt: music, art and beer. Posted by on Aug 19, 2012

Hulda reporting again from one of the many summer festivals in Iceland, the Menningarnótt (= Culture night). Despite the name it’s actually a whole day celebration starting out at 8 a.m. and continuing through the day and well into the night. Besides that I’m happy to announce that this is exactly the hundredth post published…

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