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Signs part two Posted by on Jun 30, 2012 in Icelandic culture

Here are some signs, mostly from downtown Reykjavik.

Reykjavík is very fond of frosted glass and many houses have it, especially on doors, although it’s less common for businesses.

This and the one before it are signs put up by the public. Often if there’s some kind of protest planned, or if a new club forms, someone will put up signs for it. “NEI! / NO!” is probably the most popular motto for protests, Iceland doesn’t seem to be very imaginative when it comes to slogans or titles in general.

At the University of Iceland.

Toy sale at Toys R US.

Notice about something new opening. Shops very frequently go out of business in the downtown area, based on my observations it’s probably from bad business/marketing management and not from rent costs (although those are quite high in the in-demand areas).

They always put up signs for planned construction projects. Often they include a map or a 3D model of the future site.

Keflavík airport. The f in “keflavík” is pronounced like p.

Top: Swimming “palace” (pool)
Bottom: School “car” (bus)
There was a really good documentary about a pool in Reykjavík, and it had English subtitles, but I haven’t yet heard that it’s gone on sale.

Vinsaml. (vinsamlegur, friendly) – used as “please” or “kindly” a lot in signs.

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