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Non-binary pronouns in Icelandic. Posted by on Feb 26, 2015

Icelandic grammar offers a gender neutral option for personal pronouns. Does that therefore mean that referring to non-binary people is easy and straight-forward? Alas, no. Icelandic gender structure is very strict and merciless and the local non-binary folk have had to give this matter a great deal of thought. When the whole world of Icelandic…

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Buns, explosions and ash. Posted by on Feb 18, 2015

There are three days in February that are far more important than Valentine’s Day, at least if Icelanders are asked: the Bun Day, the Explosion Day and the Ash Day (also known as Ash Wednesday but with some Iceland-specific traditions and nowadays almost no religious meaning). Originally they were the days right before the Lent and…

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How to romance a viking. Posted by on Feb 11, 2015

You know what day is just around the corner, so let’s get prepared with some relevant vocabulary! The important days Valentínusardagur = Valentine’s Day. The tradition caught on in Iceland perhaps a little earlier than the rest of the Nordics, but since the country was occupied by the USA since the WW2 it may not be too surprising…

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Extreme Iceland experience. Posted by on Feb 5, 2015

Though the winter is still here some people are already hard at work preparing for the oncoming summer and the Iceland-journeyers it will bring along. If you’re planning a trip here this year and want to see something you could never see anywhere else in the world I’ve got some tips for you on things you should…

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