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Starter pack for living in Iceland. Posted by on Nov 24, 2016

Remember the post that I made some months ago where I put together an Icelandic language starter pack? I thought it a fun idea to make another starter pack for those who dream of moving, or perhaps plan already to one day move to Iceland. What is Iceland? Iceland compass explores different areas of Iceland and…

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Life with volcanoes Posted by on Sep 22, 2016

When people think of living with volcanoes they usually think only of a situation where one erupts, but life on this island is heavily marked by the presence of geothermal energy every day. Iceland is situated exactly between Europe and North America so that it actually sits on both continental plates at the same time…

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Prepare for ash. Posted by on Jan 7, 2016

Don’t panic now but Iceland is loading up a new volcanic eruption at Bárðarbunga, the same site where the most recent volcanic eruption also had its start. This time, if the eruption site is the same as the earthquake site it would be sub-glacial, so there’d be plenty of ash. What kind of ash remains to…

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Catastrophic floods in Iceland. Posted by on Oct 1, 2015

Living in a volcanic country is never predictable. When we’re talking about volcanoes and the dangers they bring along many people would probably get a very Pompeiian idea of what that means, but actually the real threat is not fire at all. It’s water. Many of Iceland’s volcanoes are situated under glaciers, and when they…

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5 points to hiking in Iceland. Posted by on Sep 24, 2015

Iceland is a wonderful country for hiking, especially from the spring to early autumn. The scenes are out of this world and can be surprisingly near you, the routes are well-kept and clean and often offer many levels of difficulty all based on the hiker’s experience and skills. In fact you don’t always even need much…

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Extreme Iceland experience. Posted by on Feb 5, 2015

Though the winter is still here some people are already hard at work preparing for the oncoming summer and the Iceland-journeyers it will bring along. If you’re planning a trip here this year and want to see something you could never see anywhere else in the world I’ve got some tips for you on things you should…

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Christmas is almost here. Posted by on Dec 19, 2014

Iceland is expecting Christmas completely decked in white. We had even more snow yesterday and cars were stuck throughout the country, so in case you saw people clad in red pushing them out of the banks (link) those were not Jólasveinar but Björgunarsveitinn, the voluntary rescue units. They don’t give you presents but I bet…

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