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Numbers in Indonesian (Exercises) Posted by on Jan 27, 2015

Please read related posts: Numbers in Indonesian, and Counting in Indonesian before you do the exercises. Exercises Cardinal Number 1 – 9                          Write the number                        Spell the number a Satu A 3 b Dua B 6 c Tiga C 8 d Empat D 1 e Lima E 5 f Enam F 9 g…

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The Art of Wayang Kulit Posted by on Jan 27, 2015

The arts are an important part of Indonesian culture, whether you’re traveling on Sumatra or Papua. One of the most famous performing arts in this spread out archipelago nation is wayang kulit, or shadow puppets. Let’s take a closer look at this ancient performing art, starting with the origins of the name. What Does Wayang…

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Numbers in Indonesian Posted by on Jan 22, 2015

Cardinal numbers Counting in Indonesian is almost similar to English; both languages use the same symbols to represent numbers, the structure of numbers, and the numbering rules, such as zero to nine, belas for -teen, puluh for tens, ratus for hundreds, ribu for thousands, etc.   Indonesian English   Indonesian English 0 Nol zero 21 dua…

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The Kraton and Water Castle of Jogja Posted by on Jan 20, 2015

Two of the most popular tourist attractions in Jogja are the Kraton and Taman Sari, also known as the “Water Castle.” Let’s take a closer look at these two historical Javanese sights. Kraton Completed in 1790, this grand palace complex still houses the Sultan of Yogyakarta and is used for important ceremonies. Since Indonesian independence…

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How to Count to 100 in Indonesian Posted by on Jan 14, 2015

Learn how to count to 100 in Indonesian with this short instructional video. Follow along and then practice on your own!

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