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Describing someone’s physical and personal characteristics in Indonesian Posted by on Feb 17, 2018 in Uncategorized

Let’s learn how to describe and explain about someone’s physical and personal characteristics

Describing people 
Ciri-ciri fisik/ciri-ciri tubuh Physical characteristics to use in a conversation
characteristics characteristics
Rambutnya seperti apa? What is the hair like?
berambut panjang to have short hair Teman saya berambut panjang. My friend has long hair.
berambut pendek to have short hair Ibu saya berambut pendek. My mother has short hair.
berambut hitam to have black hair Saya berambut hitam. I have black hair.
berambut pirang to have blond hair Ayah saya beramput pirang My father has blond hair.
berambut putih to have white hair Nenek saya beramput putih. My grandmother has white hair.
berambut coklat to have brown hair Anak saya berambut coklat. My child has brown hair.
berambut keriting to have curly hair Kakak laki-laki saya berambut keriting. My brother has curly hair.
berambut ikal to have wavy hair Saya dan kakak perempuan saya berambut ikal. My sister and I have wavy hair.
berambut lurus to have straight hair
berjanggut to have beard Ayah saya berjanggut My father is bearded.
berkumis to have moustace Kakak laki-laki saya berkumis. My brother has moustache.


Apa warna mata dia? Apa warna matanya? What is the color of her/his eyes?
bermata biru to have blue eyes Dia bermata biru S/he has blue eyes.
bermata hijau to have green eyes Dia bermata hijau S/he has green eyes.
bermata coklat to have brown eyes Gadis cantik itu bermata coklat. That beautiful girl has brown eyes.


Bagamana ciri-ciri badan dia?  Bagaiaman ciri-ciri badadannya? What is her/his physical characteristics?
berbadan kurus to have skinny body (skinny) Laki-laki itu berbadan kurus. That man is thin.
berbadan gemuk to have fat body (fat) Dia orangnya gemuk – s/he fat S/he is fat.
berbadan langsing to have slim body (slim) Ibu saya berbadan langsing. My mom has slim body.
berbadan ramping to have slender body (slender) Perempuan itu berbadan ramping. That woman is slender.
berbadan montok to have plump body She has  plump  body. Dia berbadan montok
badannya berotot the body has muscles Saya suka melihat orang yang badannya berotot.
berbadan tegap well-built body
Skin complexion warna kulit
berkulit putih to have white skin
berkulit hitam to have black skin
berkulit kuning langsat to have yellow skin
berkulit sawo matang to have brown skin

Note: Indonesian used fruit skin color to describe someone skin complexion, such as sawo matang (lit translation ripe sawo fruit skin color, or yellow langsat fruit skin color)

Bagaimana ciri-ciri tubuhnya? How are her/his physical characteristics?
Dia tinggi, berambut pirang dan ikal. S/he is tall and has curly blond hair.
Dia kurus dan berkulit sawo matang, S/he skinny and has brown complexion.
Apa lagi? What else?
Dia juga bermata hitam S/he has black eyes.


Ciri-ciri personal Personal Characteristics
Dia orangnya bagaimana? How is s/he like?
Dia orangnya ramah. S/he is a friendly person.
Dia orangnya pemalu. S/he is a shy person.
Dia orangnya pemarah. S/he is a hot headed person.
Dia orangnya berwawasan S/he is an insightful person.
Dia orangnya mudah tersinggung. S/he takes offense easily.
Dia orangnya pemurung. S/he is a morose person.
Perempuan itu orangnya judes That woman is a rude and unfriendly person.


Teman Anda orangnya seperti apa? How is your friend like? 
Teman saya itu pendiam. My friend is  a quiet person
Adik peremuan saya itu orangnya ceria. My sister is a cheerful person.
Teman saya itu orangnya mudah bergaul. My  friend is easy to get along with


Dialogue at a reunion
Bambang: Apa kabar, Mar? Selamat ya atas kelahiran anak kedua. How are you, Mar? Congratulations on the birth of your second child.
Marni: Terima kasih, Mbang.   Isteri bagaimana? Apa masih bekerja di marketing? Thank you, Mbang. How is your Wife? Is she still working in marketing?
Bambang: Baik, isteri saya  memutuskan bekerja dari rumah menjadi konsultan. Well, my wife decided to work from home to become a consultant.
Marni: Wah, enak ya. Ngomong-ngomong, waktu saya di rumah sakit. Dokter saya itu teman SMA kita Lukman. Wow, it is very nice. By the way, when I was in the hospital. My doctor was our high school friend,  Lukman.
Bambang: Lukman? Saya lupa, yang mana ya? Lukman? I forgot, which one is it?
Marni: Dulu dia di kelas IPA 3.  Orangnya tinggi dan berambut ikal. He used to be in science class 3. He is tall and has curly hair.
Bambang: Sebentar ya saya coba ingat-ingat. Kamu tadi bilang namanya Lukman? Wait a moment I try to remember. Did you say that is his name is Lukman?
Marni: Betul. Ibunya itu guru fisika kita. That’s correct.  His mother was our physics teacher.
Bambang: Oh, itu.  Lukman itu yang pandai bermain gitar dan dia orangnya pendiam ya? Oh, that. Lukman was the one who was good at playing guitar and he was a quiet person, right?
Marni: Betul, kamu akhirnya ingat. Yes, you finally remember.
Bambang: Iya saya ingat dia. Suara dia bagus sekali ya. Yeah I remember him. He had a great voice.
Marni: Iya. Dia masuk universitas kedokteran di Bandung segera setelah lulus SMA Yes. He entered medical university in Bandung soon after graduating from high school
Bambang: Saya ingat dia sekarang. Dia orangnya pandai dan baik hati. Dia mengajar teman-teman kita fisika dan matematika. I remember about him now. He’s smart and kind. He taught our friends physics and mathematics.
Marni: Dia dulu mengajar saya materimatika dan fisika oleh karena itu nilai-nilai  saya membaik di tahun kedua. He used to teach me mathematics and physics therefore my  grades improved in my second year.
Bambang: Tentu saja saya ingat. Kalau bertemu dengan dia lagi, salam dari saya ya. Of course I remember. If you meet up with him again, please send him my regards.
Marni: Pasti akan saya sampaikan. I will certainly do.

Let’s practice
1. Apa Anda bisa menggambarkan ciri-ciri fisik teman-teman Anda? 1. Can you describe the physical characteristics of your friends?
2. Dapatkah Anda menggambarkan ciri-ciri personal anggota keluarga Anda? 2. Can you describe your family members personal characteristics.

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