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Best Language Posts of 2016 Posted by on Dec 22, 2016

Most Common Indonesian Words

Another year has almost passed us by, as we get ready to move into 2017. While many are saying that 2016 was a pretty awful year, it was a good year for learning about Indonesian language and culture. I was fortunate enough to spend most of the year doing just that on the beautiful island…

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Fruits in Indonesian Posted by on Nov 28, 2016

Galungan offerings

There’s all sorts of delicious fruit available in Indonesia. Learn 25 Indonesian words for fruit in this short video, then get out there and eat some of it! Now you can answer the question… Anda suka makan buah apa? (What fruit do you like to eat?)  

Introductions and Greetings in Indonesian Posted by on Nov 17, 2016

When you’re just starting out learning a language, one of the most important things to do is get comfortable making introductions and greeting people. For those learning Indonesian in the country, you’ll have plenty of chances to do this. People in Indonesia are for the most part quite friendly and talkative. If you’re a bule…

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Indonesian Fruit Vocabulary Posted by on Oct 25, 2016

Fruit (buah) is an important part of the Indonesian diet. Markets all over the massive archipelago nation are stocked with all kinds of fresh, tropical fruits. Before we get into how fruit is eaten in Indonesia, let’s learn some vocabulary. Indonesian Fruit Vocabulary Here are 30 Indonesian words for fruits. You’ll notice that some are…

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Indonesian Meat and Seafood Vocabulary (Video) Posted by on Oct 13, 2016

Don’t go hungry when traveling in Indonesia! Learn some Indonesian vocabulary for meat and seafood in this short video. Technically, you should add the word for meat (daging) before the animal – i.e. daging ayam, daging babi, daging sapi. For practical purposes, though, this isn’t necessary. When you’re in a restaurant ordering, they’re going to…

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Indonesian Meat and Seafood Vocabulary Posted by on Sep 26, 2016

When traveling in Indonesia – or any country, for that matter – it’s best to eat as the locals do. Eating local is not only more authentic, but it’s also substantially cheaper. Without English menus, though, this can sometimes be a bit tricky. Don’t be that lame tourist who runs to the nearest McDonald’s for…

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Job Titles in Indonesian Posted by on May 2, 2016

Today is a much-needed day off for people in Indonesia and in many other countries all across the world. Labor Day (Hari Buruh) falls on May 1st in most countries (except for the US, which celebrates in September). We already introduced Labor Day in Indonesia last year, so go back and read that post to…

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