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Job Titles in Indonesian Posted by on May 2, 2016 in Uncategorized

Today is a much-needed day off for people in Indonesia and in many other countries all across the world. Labor Day (Hari Buruh) falls on May 1st in most countries (except for the US, which celebrates in September). We already introduced Labor Day in Indonesia last year, so go back and read that post to learn a bit about the history of the holiday and the fight for working people in the country. Today, we’re going to honor all the workers out there by learning some job titles in Indonesian.

Cheers to all the hardworking people in Indonesia.

Cheers to all the hardworking people in Indonesia.

When you meet people in Indonesia, they always want to know where you come from and what your job is. Here’s how to ask/answer about someone’s job:

Q: What’s your job?
Apa pekerjaan anda?

A: I work as a/an…
Saya bekerja sebagai…


I’m a/an…

Of course, the first answer is a bit more proper and formal. People like to keep things simple in Indonesia, so unless you’re talking to someone like the president, the second form is perfectly acceptable. Now let’s learn 30 common job titles in Indonesian:

  • accountant = akuntan/penata buku

  • actor = aktor

  • artist = seniman

  • assistant = asisten

  • athlete = atlet

  • business person = penusaha

  • chef = koki/juru masuk

  • dentist = dokter gigi

  • designer = perancang

  • doctor = dokter

  • driver = sopir

  • engineer = insinyur

  • farmer = petani

  • journalist = wartawan

  • lawyer = pengacara

  • maid/helper = pembantu

  • manager = manajer

  • musician = pemusik

  • nurse = perawat

  • photographer = juru potret

  • police officer = polisi

  • receptionist = resepsionis

  • scientist = ilmuwan

  • secretary = sekretaris

  • singer = penyanyi

  • teacher = guru

  • tour guide = pemandu wisata

  • translator = penterjemah

  • waiter/waitress = pelayan

  • writer = penulis

To all the workers out there, Selamat Hari Buruh (Happy Labor Day)! Enjoy the day off, because you’ve earned it!

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