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Most Popular Posts of 2017 Posted by on Dec 27, 2017

Most Popular Posts of 2017

Can you believe it’s almost 2018? Before we say Selamat Tahun Baru (Happy New Year), let’s take a minute to reflect on 2017. We love getting feedback from our readers, which is why we always look to see which posts you enjoyed reading. Here are our 10 most popular posts of 2017: 10. How to…

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Interjections in Bahasa Indonesia Posted by on May 31, 2017

To express a sudden emotions while you communicate with others, you can use interjection. There is essentially a single word, phrase, or short clause words that you can insert into a sentence to convey your emotions. Here are several common interjections in Bahasa Indonesia and examples of their use in conversations: 1. Wah! To express…

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My Holiday (Liburan Saya) Posted by on May 15, 2017

Everyone likes going on holiday, right? It’s something we look forward to, and then something we like talking about once we return home. When was the last time you had a holiday? Could you talk about it in Indonesian? Here’s a short story about my long holiday from school in Bali. Read the Indonesian version…

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Indonesian Prepositions Posted by on Apr 23, 2017

A preposition is a word which is placed before a noun, pronoun, or noun phrase to show its relationship with other words. Try to memorize the prepositions below, because they’re very important and used daily. Meaning Bahasa Indonesia English equivalent Example Indicating location or place di   dalam In, at, on, upon   in, within…

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Talking About the Weekend in Indonesian Posted by on Apr 4, 2017

A great way to practice when learning a new language is to keep a little diary. Write down a basic description of your day, your experiences, and your feelings. If you forget a word along the way, check your dictionary or an online one. Read it over, correct any mistakes, and practice saying it out…

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Kesehatan (Health) Posted by on Jan 10, 2017

Your health (kesehatan) is important. It’s not always easy to stay healthy, but you’ve got to try. It’s also not always easy to learn a new language. This post will help you out with both! Here’s a reading exercise in Indonesian about staying healthy, followed by an English translation after each paragraph. Reading Saya sangat suka berolahraga…

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Presidential Debate Terms and Expressions in Indonesian Posted by on Sep 30, 2016

Having a political discussion or conversation is always interesting. Take for example the most recent presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump which was considered by the U.S. media as the most-watched presidential debate in history, or maybe in American history. image: wikimedia commons How to say it in English How to say it…

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