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My Holiday (Liburan Saya) Posted by on May 15, 2017 in Uncategorized

Everyone likes going on holiday, right? It’s something we look forward to, and then something we like talking about once we return home. When was the last time you had a holiday? Could you talk about it in Indonesian? Here’s a short story about my long holiday from school in Bali. Read the Indonesian version first then check the translation and study the vocabulary.


My Holiday (Liburan Saya)

Christmas and NYE in Bali

Liburan ini yang bagus dan yang lama. Kami berlibur dua bulan. Pada Hari Natal, saya dengan istri saya makan di hotel di Sanur. Makanan di sana enak sekali dan juga ada minuman spesial.

Satu minggu kemudian ada Tahun Baru. Pada waktu itu kami ada dua teman datang di Bali. Kami berkumpul ke pesta di Seminyak minum bir, menari, dan lihat banyak kembang api. Semua orang sangat senang di pesta itu!

Some highlights of Flores.

Setelah itu, kami pergi ke Flores. Di situ jalan-jalan selama dua minggu. Kami dari Maumere sampai ke Labuan Bajo naik mobil. Sopir kami yang ramah dan yang sangat menolong. Saya dengan dia berbicara banyak Bahasa Indonesia karena dia hanya bisa bicara sedikit Bahasa Inggris.


One of many villages around Bajawa.

Di Flores, kami naik gunung, berenang, lihat desa tradisional, dan bersantai. Kami juga naik kapal kecil pergi ke Pulau Komodo. Di situ kami lihat dua puluh dua Komodo! Ada yang besar dan ada yang kecil. Saya paling suka tempat itu di Flores.

Sunsets in Seminyak are great!

Setelah pulang, adik laki-laki saya, pacarnya, dan dua teman lagi datang. Kami berkumpul tinggal di villa di Seminyak. Setiap hari ke pantai dan ke pesta. Mereka semua senang berjalan di Bali, jadi saya juga senang!

Liburan ini bagus sekali. Saya tidak mau liburan berakhir!


This holiday was great and it was long. We had a 2-month holiday. On Christmas Day, my wife and I ate at a hotel in Sanur. The food there was really delicious and they also had some special drinks.

A week later was New Year’s. At that time, we had two friends come to Bali. We went together to a party in Seminyak to drink beer, dance, and see lots of fireworks. Everyone was happy at that party!

After that, we went to Flores. We traveled there for two weeks. We went from Maumere all the way to Labuan Bajo by car. Our driver was friendly and very helpful. I spoke a lot of Indonesian with him because he didn’t speak a lot of English.

In Flores, we climbed mountains, went swimming, saw traditional villages, and relaxed. We also took a small boat to Komodo Island. There we saw 22 Komodo dragons! Some were big and some were small. I liked that place the most in Flores.

After returning home, my younger brother, his girlfriend, and two more friends came to Bali. We stayed together in a villa in Seminyak. Every day we went to the beach and to party. They were all happy traveling in Bali, so I was also happy.

This holiday was great. I didn’t want it to end!


  • liburan = holiday/vacation

  • bagus = great/very good

  • Hari Natal = Christmas

  • Tahun Baru = New Year’s

  • berkumpul = together

  • pesta = party

  • kembang api = fireworks

  • dari… sampai ke = from… to

  • ramah = friendly

  • naik gunung = hike/climb a mountain

  • bersantai = to relax

  • paling suka = like the most/favorite

  • senang = happy

  • berakhir = to end

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