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Your health¬†(kesehatan)¬†is important. It’s not always easy to stay healthy, but you’ve got to try. It’s also not always easy to learn a new language. This post will help you out with both! Here’s a reading exercise in Indonesian about staying healthy, followed by an English translation after each paragraph.


Saya sangat suka berolahraga. Saya pergi ke kebugaran empat kali seminggu. Di kebugaran saya mengangkat beban dan lari. Saya juga suka olahraga tim, contohnya bola basket dan sepak bola Amerika. Berolahraga membuat saya bahagia dan sehat.

I really like exercising. I go to the gym four times a week. At the gym I lift weights and run. I also like team sports, such as basketball and American football. Exercising makes me happy and healthy.

Ayam goreng dan mie ayam.

Saya makan tiga kali dalam sehari. Makan pagi, saya suka makan buah dengan yogurt di rumah. Saya biasanya makan siang di kantin, misalnya nasi campur atau gado-gado. Kadang-kadang saya memasak untuk makan malam. Saya bisa memasak makanan barat dan sedikit makanan India. Makanan favorit saya adalah kari India. Kadang-kadang saya dengan istri saya atau teman-teman makan malam di restoran atau di pasar malam. Makanan di pasar malam enak sekali dan tidak mahal, tapi sedikit tidak sehat.

I eat three times a day. For breakfast, I like to eat fruit with yogurt at home. I usually eat lunch in the canteen, for example mixed rice or gado-gado. Sometimes I cook for dinner. I can cook Western food and a little Indian food. My favorite food is Indian curry. Sometimes I go with my wife or friends to eat dinner in a restaurant or at the night market. The food at the night market is delicious and not expensive, but it’s a little unhealthy.

Setiap hari saya tidur kira-kira tujuh jam. Saya pikir itu sudah cukup. Biasanya saya pada jam dua belas tidur dan jam tujuh bangun.

Every day I sleep for about seven hours. I think it’s enough. Usually I go to sleep at 12 and wake up at 7.

Di Amerika, saya suka jalan kaki atau naik sepeda, tapi di Bali saya setiap hari naik motor. Saya pikir di Bali jalan kaki tidak bagus dan sedikit berbahaya.

In America, I like to walk or ride a bicycle, but in Bali I ride a motorbike every day. I think in Bali walking is not great and a little dangerous.

Mmmm… jus alpukat.

Setiap hari saya minum cukup air. Kadang-kadang saya juga minum jus, tapi tanpa gula. Saya sangat suka jus alpukat di Bali. Saya juga suka minum kopi dan sedikit bir. Saya tahu ini tidak sehat, tapi saya masih suka!

Every day I drink enough water. Sometimes I also drink juice, but without sugar. I really like the avocado juice in Bali. I also like to drink coffee and a little beer. I know this isn’t healthy, but I still like it!


  • kesehatan = health

  • berolahraga = exercise/playing sports

  • kebugaran = gym

  • mengangkat beban = lifting weights

  • lari = run

  • buah = fruit

  • memasak = cook

  • sehat = healthy

  • tidur = sleep

  • kadang-kadang = sometimes

  • kira-kira = about

  • jalan kaki = walk

  • naik sepeda = ride a bike

  • berbahaya = dangerous

  • cukup = enough

  • air = water

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