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Regardless of which language you’re communicating in, talking about the weather is always great for small talk. No matter where you are, people like to talk (and complain) about the weather. This is true in Indonesia as well, where people always say it’s too hot or too rainy. We’ll learn some useful vocabulary for the weather and seasons in Inondesian in this post. Here’s a short reading exercise about the weather and seasons in my hometown, followed by a vocab list you can study.


Kota saya ada empat musim – musim dingin, musim semi, musim panas, dan musim gugur. Setiap musim berlangsung tiga bulan.

Weather and Seasons in Indonesian

Musim dingin

Biasanya dari Desember sampai dengan Maret adalah musim dingin. Pada musim dingin, cuaca dingin sekali, ada banyak salju, dan danau beku. Di sana tidak ada gunung, tapi anda bisa naik mobil satu jam pergi ke bukit bermain olah-raga ski. Orang-orang juga suka bermain hoki, naik mobil salju, dan memancing di es. Pada musim dingin, kami suka minum coklat panas dan makan sup.

Saya suka musim semi.

Saya sangat suka musim semi, karena tidak dingin dan tidak panas. Tapi musim semi terlalu pendek. Kadang-kadang hanya selama dua bulan. Pada musim semi, kami bisa di luar bermain bola atau naik sepeda.

Bermain bisbol

Musim panas dari Juni sampai dengan September. Matahari bersinar selama kira-kira limabelas jam, terbenam pada jam 9:30 malam. Pada musim panas kami bisa berenang di danau. Banyak orang ada perahu. Orang-orang juga suka bermain bisbol dan pergi ke taman memanggang daging dan minum bir. Saya paling suka musim panas, karena musim ini ada banyak festival musik, juga ada ulang tahun saya dan Hari Kemerdekaan Amerika.

Pemandangan indah

Musim gugur sejuk, dan pemandangan indah. Pohon-pohon banyak warna – merah, kuning, dan oranye. Di musim ini, orang-orang suka menonton pertandingan sepak bola Amerika. Biasanya setiap hari Senin, Kamis, Sabtu, dan Minggu ada pertandingan. Musim gugur juga ada Halloween dan Thanksgiving. Saya suka sekali musim ini.


My city has four seasons – winter, spring, summer, and fall. Every season lasts for three months.

Winter is usually from December to March. In winter, the weather is very cold, there is a lot of slow, and the lake freezes. There are no mountains there, but you can drive a car one hour to a hill to go skiing. People also like to play hockey, ride snowmobiles, and go ice fishing. In winter, we like to drink hot chocolate and eat soup.

I really like spring, because it is not cold and not hot. But spring is too short. Sometimes it is only for two months. In spring, we can play ball or ride a bike outside.

Summer is from June to September. The sun shines for about fifteen hours, setting at 9:30 pm. In the summer we can swim in the lake. Many people have boats. People also like to play baseball and go to the park to grill meat and drink beer. I like summer the most because this season has many music festivals, and there is also my birthday and America’s Independence Day.

Fall is cool, and the scenery is beautiful. The trees have many colors – red, yellow, and orange. In this season, people like to watch American football. Usually, there are matches every Monday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. This season also has Halloween and Thanksgiving. I really like this season.


  • musim = season

  • musim dingin = winter

  • musim semi = spring

  • musim panas = summer

  • musim gugur = fall

  • cuaca = weather

  • dingin = cold

  • panas = hot

  • sejuk = cool

  • salju = snow

  • danau = lake

  • beku = frozen

  • dari… sampai dengan = from… to

  • matahari = sun

  • paling suka = like the most

  • bermain = play

  • bisbol = baseball

  • sepak bola Amerika = Ameriacn football

  • ulang tahun = birthday

  • pemandangan = scenery

  • pertandingan = match/game

Challenge yourself a bit and see if you can answer the following questions in Indonesian:

Anda paling suka musim apa? Kenapa?
What season do you like the most? Why?

Bagaimana cuaca di kota anda?
How is the weather in your city?

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