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Business Phrasal Verbs Posted by on Nov 29, 2009 in Negócios

Há alguns phrasal verbs que tem três partes, o verbo principal e dois complementos (preposições ou advérbios). Vamos aprender alguns relacionados ao mundo dos negócios.

cash in on – tirar proveito de uma situação, desonestamente
A lot of people are cashing in on Michael Jackson’s death.

come in for – receber, geralmente blame (culpa), criticism (crítica) ou abuso (maltrato).
She came in for a lot of criticism when she announced she was going to leave her position.

drop in on – visitor, aparecer (na casa ou negócio de alguém)
John said he would drop in on me, but so far he hasn’t shown up. Can you tell him I had to step out for a bit?

go along with – concordar (com alguma idéia, plano, etc.)
I decided to go along with his ideas because they sounded amazing.

go in for – entrar (numa competição) ou escolher algo como atividade (emprego).
He went in for that new advertising account and he got it!
I think I could go in for teaching, I’m really good with people.

listen out for – escutar algo cuidadosamente, nos mínimos detalhes
At the meeting with our distributors, listen out for their main issues on delivery, ordering and things like that. Why do we have to be good when we can be excellent?

sit in on – fazer alguma tarefa/trabalho no lugar de outra pessoa, substituir
Mary, can you sit in on this meeting? You have already done business with them and you’ll surely know which techniques to apply to get them to sign the contract.

stand in for – substituir alguém por algum tempo
Jake is standing in for Peter because he’s at home with the flu.

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