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Os eufemismos em inglês Posted by on Aug 31, 2011 in Avançado

Eufemismos são palavras e expressões usadas para suavizar algo que possa ser interpretado como desagrável ou não muito educado. Por exemplo, se ligamos para alguém e esta pessoa está ocupada ou não quer nos atender, sua secretária pode dizer:

He’s unable to come to the phone.
He’s currently unavailable.

Para dizer que alguém está bêbado e não usar a palavra drunk podemos usar:

tired and emotionalThe newspaper said the president was tired and emotional.
have a bit too much to drinkHe had a bit too much to drink last night.
to be a bit worse for wearHe was a bit worse for wear by the time he came home.
to have over-indulgedI think he over-indulged in the free beer at the party.
to have had one too manyHe’s had one too many tonight.

E também há algumas bem interessantes e divertidas sobre a morte:

meet your makerHe’s gone to meet his maker.
six feet under I won’t worry about money When I’m six feet under.
pushing up daisies Last I heard about him, he’s pushing up daisies.
in your / his / my boxWhen I’m in my box you can argue all you like about the inheritance.
snuff it I’ve heard that poor old Ernie has snuffed it.
popped his clogs Harold popped his clogs last year.
kick the bucket So Joe has finally kicked the bucket.

Veja algumas outras formas de eufemismo:

Para não dizer … dizemos …

disgusting – unappealing
ugly – unattractive
busy – unavailable
pretty rare – uncommon
don’t understand – a little unclear
strange – a little unconventional
not comfortable – a little uneasy
an unpleasant surprise – a little unexpected
basically impossible – unheard of
can’t be done – unfeasible
rude and mean – a little unfriendly
ignorant – simply uninformed
boring – ininteresting
a lie – simply untrue


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