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Cool sites for English teachers Posted by on Aug 21, 2012 in Avançado

Hello, everybody!

This is a post for my fellow teachers. Last week I shared some tips to use movies in the English class and today I’m going to give you three suggestions for improving your teaching skills.

1. Collablogatorium– This is Carla Arena’s site with lots of well-written articles about her teaching practice, experience and activities she has used in her classes. Here are some of her posts:

What Yo Yo Ma Has to Teach Educators
The Other Side of Pecha Kucha – My Ideal Classroom
Facebook Collaborative Efforts Strike Again with Fridges
Around the WorldGiving an iTwist to Feedback on Student Writing
Love Stories Around the World

2. Leoxicon– Leo’s blogging from Tel Aviv and his blog brings activities, ideas and useful tips with a lexical touch.

Does digital mean better?
Highlighting lexical chunks with Diigo
Two axes of word relationships
One word leads to … or you’ve been primed!
If I were a boy

3. Luiz Otávio’s ELT Page – Luiz is a good friend and has great articles on his site about teaching, tips for activities and much more. Make sure you check it out.

5 things I’m not sure I know about teaching anymore
Oral correction – are we missing the point?
5 tips to help you learn better and faster
Turn-taking: whose turn is it anyway?
Advanced students: 5 tips to help you stretch their English

4. Teacher Reboot Camp – Shelly Sanchez Terrell brings tons of links of activities for busy teachers, professional development and her reflections on education.

10+ Getting to Know You Activities for Kids
The Teacher’s Survival Kit for Lesson Planning! Tips and 1000s of Lesson Plans
Carrying Conversations: 10 Lessons Learned from Learners
10+ Getting to Know You Activities for Teens & Adults
Bringing your textbook to life! 15+ Tips and Resources

Of course there are hundreds of great sites for teachers and your suggestion is more than welcome! Take care and see you next time!


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  1. carla arena:

    Dear Adir,

    Thanks for the mention. What an honor to be here with you!

    • Adir:

      @carla arena Always a big pleaseure to share such invaluable content with my readers, Carla!