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Hoje trago a última parte dos posts com palavras básicas e significados avançados em inglês. Clique nos links abaixo para acessar os outros posts da série.

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Espero que você tenha gostado da série e lembre-se de dar um “curtir” aí embaixo pra divulgar os posts.

1. Shoulder

– to carry most of the responsibility, if not all of it. I don’t think that John should be the one to shoulder the entire project. [assumir a responsabilidade]

2. Spot

– to see something interesting or desirable. Just as we were about to give up, my wife spotted an excellent parking space. [avistar, ver]

3. Square

– to pay someone and settle a debt. Did you square with the supplier? [acertar contas]

4. Staff

– to supply working personnel. It’s a difficult operation to staff. [equipar com funcionários, pessoal]

5. Stomach

– to have difficulty accepting something or a situation. It’s hard to stomach that he’s been reelected president. [aguentar, suportar]

6. Store

– armazenar. This hard drive stores up to 100 gigabytes.

7. Suit

– to meet someone’s needs. I would prefer a room with a view, but this one suits me fine. [agradar, adaptar]

8. Table

– during a formal meeting, to delay discussion of a subject. The decision was tabled until December. [adiar]

9. Tail

– to follow, especially with the intent of discovering something. His wife was jealous and tailed him wherever he went. [seguir]

10. Time

– cronometrar. You can hold your breath under water for over a minute? OK, I’ll time you.

11. Top

– to do something better than someone else. My chocolate chip cookies are pretty good, but it’s impossible to top my mother’s. [superar]
– to finish something with something good. And we topped off that wonderful dinner with my favorite dessert: chocolate cheesecake. [fechar com chave de ouro]

12. Toy

– to think about doing something. We’re toying with the idea of getting married next year. [considerar, pensar]
– to play games with someone and/or their feelings. He doesn’t care about you. He’s just toying with you. [brincar com – sentido negativo]

13. Trouble

– when something worries someone. I’m a little troubled by his behavior. [preocupar-se]
– to disturb a person. I don’t mean to trouble you, but could you help me? [incomodar]

14. View

– to have a certain opinion about something or someone. I view the issue in a different way. [ver, considerar]

15. Voice

– to vocalize feelings and opinions. Please feel free to voice your concerns. [expressar]

16. Word

– to choose the way you write or say something. I know what I want to write, I just don’t know how I should word it. [formular, frasear, enunciar]

Fonte: Como Dizer Tudo em Inglês Avançado, de Ron Martinez. Compre na Livraria Disal.

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  1. Fernando De Paula:

    Em: “Palavras Básicas, Significados Avançados – Parte 01” há um comentário “Hoje começamos uma série de CINCO posts sobre algumas palavras básicas em Inglês que adquirem um significado mais avançado quando são usadas como verbos.”
    Em: “Palavras Básicas, Significados Avançados – Parte 04” o comentário é “Hoje trago a última parte dos posts com palavras básicas e significados avançados em inglês.”
    Está faltando UMA ou são só QUATRO??????

    • Adir:

      @Fernando De Paula Oi, Fernando! Que bom que você escreveu! Era pra ser cinco, realmente. Daí eu enxuguei os posts e ficaram só quatro.

      Obrigado por ter avisado, já corrigi o primeiro post. =)