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15 Expressões Idiomáticas Britânicas Posted by on Jul 22, 2014 in Intermediário

Hello there!

Encontrei este vídeo super interessante com 15 expressões idiomáticas tipicamente inglesas. Confesso que não conhecia nenhuma delas e meus amigos ingleses me confirmaram que são bastante usadas.

Se você curte inglês britânico é um prato cheio! Enjoy!

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1. To know your onions – to know your stuff. That car salesman certainly knew his onions, didn’t he?

2. To lose the plot – to go crazy. I was waking up in the middle of the night, not knowing who I was or where I was. I really thought I was losing the plot.

3. A right cock-up – a mess-up. That was a right cock-up, I have to tell you!

4. At her Majesty’s pleasure – in prison. He was declared insane and ordered to be detained in a mental hospital at Her Majesty’s pleasure.

5. Away with the fairies – daydreaming or out of touch with reality. It’s no good asking her to look after the children – she’s away with the fairies most of the time.

6. Swings and roundabouts – everything evens out in the end. It’s swings and roundabouts, really. If you save money by buying a house out of town, you pay more to travel to work.

7. Horses for courses – different people are good at different things. Ah well, horses for courses. Just because a plumber can mend your washing machine, it doesn’t follow that he can mend your car as well.

8. The dawn chorus – the swell of birdsong when the sun comes up. I wanted to sleep in, but there was the dawn chorus…

9. Bob’s your uncle! – And there we go! You simply put on the stain remover, leave it for an hour and Bob’s your uncle, the stain’s gone.

10. Chin-wag – gossip, chattering. I was having just a little chin-wag with my friends.

11. Donkey’s years – a really long time. I’ve been doing this job for donkey’s years.

12. To have a butcher’s – to have a look at. Let’s have a butcher’s at your present , then.

13. It’s monkeys! – It’s cold! Wow, it’s monkeys outside – grab a coat!

14. Up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire – go to bed. It’s late – let’s go up the wooden hill to Bedforshire.

15. Up the duff – pregnant. She’s just had a baby, and I didn’t know she was up the duff!

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