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Os Substantivos Coletivos Em Inglês Posted by on Sep 25, 2014 in Iniciante

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Em português temos os chamados substantivos coletivos – aqueles que representam um grupo. Por exemplo uma alcateia é um conjunto de lobos, uma réstia é um conjunto de alho ou cebolas, e por aí vai.

Em inglês também temos os substantivos coletivos e hoje vou apresentar para você os mais comuns.

a flock [bando, revoada] – sheep, goats or birds
a flight [lance] – stairs
a crowd [multidão] – people
an army [exército] – soldiers
a bunch [ramalhete, molho, cacho] – flowers, keys, grapes, bananas
a bundle [trouxa] – old (or dirty) clothes, sticks or twigs
a crew [tripulação] – sailors, airmen
an audience [plateia] – people watching or listening
a fleet [frota] – ships, aircraft or buses
a mob [quadrilha] – angry people, causing disturbance
a herd [rebanho, manada] – cattle
a pack [bando, baralho, alcateia] – lies, cards, dogs or wolves
a gang [gangue, quadrilha, bando] – thieves
a swarm [enxame] – bees, ants, and other insects
a chest [baú, cômoda] – drawers
a school, shoal [cardume] – fish

Aqui está um pequeno texto de exemplo:

A crowd had gathered to hear his story. It was really a big audience. He said he had eaten a bunch of bananas and a bunch of grapes while watching his mother take some clothes out of the chest of drawers. There was a bundle of dirty clothes to be washed. Not wishing to help his mother he picked up his bunch of keys and left the room. He ran down a flight of stairs and walked into his bedroom. He turned on the TV and lay down. There was a film about a herd of cattle which had been stolen by a gang of thieves. They were now being chased by a whole army. Even planes were being used in the chase, but a crew were attacked by a swarm of African bees, and were forced to crashland. He had he had then decided to turn off the TV as he thought the film was rather dull. By this time the crowd had turned into a real mob as the people realized his story was nothing but a pack of lies.

Fonte: English 3, de Amadeu Marques

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