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Texto Para Praticar O Present Perfect: The Web Of Life Posted by on Jan 15, 2015 in Intermediário

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Hello there!

Eu imagino que você já tenha estudado o Present Perfect algumas vezes. Então hoje, em vez de jogar um monte de explicações pra você, vamos praticar com um texto super interessante chamado “The Web of Life”, que fala sobre a natureza e como o homem está tendo um papel (ruim?) com ela.

No final do texto tem vocabulário com as definições em inglês pra você ir se acostumando com o dicionário monolíngue, ok?

Vamos lá!

The Web of Life

This we know: All things are connected like the blood that unites one family. Man did not weave the web of life. He is merely a strand in it. What he does to the web, he does to himself.

The Indians love the sky and the clouds, trees and animals, mountains, rocks, and rivers. Man’s feeling of identity with nature is beautifully expressed in a poem of the Pueblo, a tribe of Indians of North America, who used to live in the Southwest of what is now the United States.

The poem gives us the thoughts of an Indian life and death. It shows how the Indians accepted their place in the beautiful plan of nature. All living things, the poem tells us, share the Earth. When we die, we give back to nature what we have borrowed.

I have killed the rabbit
I have crushed the grasshopper
And the plants he feeds upon.
I have cut through the heart
I have taken fish from water
And birds from the sky.
In my life I needed death
So that my life can be.
When I die, I must give life
To what has nourished me.
The Earth receives my body
And gives it to the caterpillars
To the birds
And to the coyotes,
Each in its own time so that
The web of life is never broken.


web – network
to weave – to make something by passing strands of material over and under one another
merely – simply, nothing more than
strand – long, thin piece of something
thought – idea, opinion
to accept – to take something that is given, to receive
to share – to have or use with another or others
to give back – to return
to borrow – to take something that you will return after a short time
to crush – to press very hard; to smash violently
to feed upon – to use as food
straight – not bent or curved
so that – in order that; with the purpose of
to nourish – to feed; to keep alive

Fonte do texto: Password – Special Edition, Amadeu Marques.

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