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Clásail Choibhneasta Redux agus Redux Eile: An Briathar “faigh” (and about 7 more briathra neamhrialta to go) Posted by on Feb 28, 2010

Súil siar ar an mbriathar “déan” agus na foirmeacha coibhneasta.  If you don’t remember the translations for these, please check back in the most recent blog.   Aimsir láithreach: Déanann sí soc don lao.  An ndéanann sí soc don lao?  Sin í an bhean a dhéanann soc don lao.  Sin í an bhean a ndéanann a…

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Clásail Choibhneasta Neamhdhíreacha Redux: An Briathar “déan” (and about 8 more briathra neamhrialta to go) Posted by on Feb 26, 2010

(le Róislín) Súil siar gasta ar an mbriathar “a fheiceáil” agus na foirmeacha coibhneasta.  If you don’t remember the translations for these, please check back in the recent blogs.   Aimsir láithreach: Feicim an bhó.  An bhfeiceann tú an bhó?  Sin é an fear a fheiceann an bhó.  Sin é an fear a bhfeiceann a…

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Nótaí Fuaimnithe (Pronunciation Notes) don Bhlag Deireanach, or, Not Your Abuela’s “ua” Vowel Sound Posted by on Feb 23, 2010

(le Róislín) A few notes on pronunciation for the last blog, which was called “Thuas Seal, Thíos Seal, or Ice-cream and Underlings.”  Pronunciation notes always seem to be welcome!   The “ua” sound, which we saw consistently in that whole “slua” (angl. slew) of related words is basically “oo-uh.”  That’s “oo” as in (American) English…

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Thuas Seal, Thíos Seal, or Ice-cream and Underlings Posted by on Feb 21, 2010

Before the U.S. completely finishes with Lá (or Seachtain) na nUachtarán, let’s take a brief look at some contrasting terms for up/down and above/below in Irish.  As you might imagine, this will end up treating a wide variety of topics, not just spatial relations.  Ice-cream and underlings, for example.   Let’s start with the core…

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Dáileog Eile de Chlásail Choibhneasta (Another Dose of Relative Clauses) Posted by on Feb 17, 2010

(le Róislín) So, back to an ghramadach, after some pleasant digressions about naoimh, féilte, úitsigh, scáthanna, and sneachta.   Let’s quickly review the verb “to be” and its relative forms.  Then we’ll turn to another irregular verb, “to see” (the first of 9 more irregulars!):   Aimsir láithreach: Tá an fear tinn.  An bhfuil an fear…

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Sneachta Cásca: Easter Snow (The Song, not the Weather Forecast) Posted by on Feb 11, 2010

(le Róislín) A final thought on snow and Ireland would be the title of the traditional tune “Easter Snow” (Sneachta Cásca), as played by uilleann piper Séamus Ennis (1919-1982), amongst many others.  It was one of Ennis’s favorite tunes and he used it as the name of his house.  Christy Moore used the tune title…

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Cineálacha Sneachta: Kinds of Snow Posted by on Feb 8, 2010

 (le Róislín) As a tribute to the amount of snow that fell over the weekend ar chósta thoir na Stát Aontaithe, and, I suppose, as a belated tribute to the amount that fell in Éirinn i mí Eanáir, let’s talk about some of the ways it can fall or accumulate. The most basic statement would…

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