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The Word “Before” in Irish, Part 2 Posted by on Sep 30, 2010

We’ve taken care of two of the seven-plus ways to say “before” in Irish, which Seanchán, duine de lucht léite an bhlag seo, had asked about.  Those were “roimh” (used with nouns or with pronoun endings like “romhat” or “romhaibh”) and “sula” used before verbs.  The others were cheana, thar, os coinne, os comhair and…

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How To Say “Before” in Irish – Let Me Count the Ways Posted by on Sep 29, 2010

One of this blog’s readers, Seanchán, has written in with an interesting question.  Cad é an difear idir na focail seo: cheana, roimh, sula, thar, os coinne, os comhair agus ar tosach.  Ciallaíonn siad go léir “before.”  Most have many other meanings as well.   And before we finish the topic, we might be adding a…

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Speaking of “Caillte” (lost, the actual verb) Posted by on Sep 27, 2010

One thing the writers of Lost probably didn’t expect is that the title of their show could simply provide an opportunity to conjugate a verb.  But why not? If “caillte” means lost, what are the other forms and idioms connected to this verb? It’s a first-conjugation verb with a slender root (caill, with “i” being…

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Lost agus The Third Policeman: Suíomh Táirgí nó “Scavenger Hunt” Liteartha? Posted by on Sep 25, 2010

By now, some of you may have checked out The Third Policeman.  Ar léigh tú é?  Ar thaitin sé leat? (Freagraí samplacha thíos).  It’s interesting to consider the role of this úrscéal and the many other oibreacha liteartha mentioned in the series Lost.  Would it be considered “suíomh tairgí” (product placement)?  Not really, is dócha…

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Litríocht na hÉireann agus an Clár Teilifíse “LITCELA” Posted by on Sep 22, 2010

So, right, you probably assumed that “LITCELA” is a jumbled word, and that is correct.  It needs to be unjumbled for this blog.  It’s just a comhtharlú deas that it might happen to suggest “litríocht” and “Ceilteach.” But, of course, I could have jumbled it many different ways, and for some strange reason, that one…

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Not Quite Done with Hairicíní Posted by on Sep 19, 2010

I happened to realize that the 62nd anniversary of the Great Hurricane of 1938 (GH38) is approaching and have been listening to a closleabhar on the subject.  Is scéal fíorspéisiúl é agus an-bhrónach.  Here are some of the príomhphointí: Dátaí (i Meiriceá): 20 Meán Fómhair go 22 Meán Fómhair, 1938 Catagóir: ar dtús, catagóir a…

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Cool, Cold, Freezing, Frigorific (i nGaeilge) Posted by on Sep 15, 2010

Recently, we’ve talked a lot about an aimsir, hairicíní, cineálacha eile stoirmeacha, and céimeanna teasa, from warm to hot to sweltering.  This time, we’ll reverse the theme of the last blog, and discuss degrees of fuacht ([FOO-ukht] coldness). First, probably the most basic construction: Tá sé fuar inniu.  It’s cold today. Tá mé fuar.  I’m…

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