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Lá (an) Altaithe: Cén Téarma i nGaeilge? — Nuashonrúchán (an update) Posted by on Nov 28, 2014

(le Róislín) A few years ago, as some of you may recall, I compared the usage of five different terms for saying “Thanksgiving Day” in Irish.  This is a phrase that traditionally didn’t show up in Irish dictionaries, since Thanksgiving, North American style, is not celebrated in Ireland, or, in fact, i dtír ar bith…

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Tar éis an turcaí, céard a bheas agat? An fuílleach! (the leftovers) Posted by on Nov 25, 2014

(le Róislín) An lá tar éis Lá Altaithe 28 Mí na Samhna i mbliana).  Many households in America will be wondering what to do with “na fuílligh,” especially “an turcaí.”  In my experience, the brúitín, líonadh, agus súlach don’t last very long after any meal! Here are some ideas for foods you can make using…

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Mónóg, the Irish for Cranberry, Bogberry, and Mossberry Posted by on Nov 22, 2014

(le Róislín) I’ve long been intrigued by the definition of “mónóg” both as “cranberry” and “bogberry.” Intrigued for two reasons. One, because I’ve never noticed any great emphasis on cranberries in traditional Irish cooking or in the Irish diet, and yet the word “mónóg” is certainly not simply a phonetic adaptation of “cranberry,” the way…

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Turcaí vs. An Tuirc: Talking ‘Turkey’ in Irish Posted by on Nov 17, 2014

(le Róislín) Lead … lead. Can … can. Rose … rose. Tear … tear. Bow … bow. Bat … bat. Turkey … turkey. Or should I say: Lead (luaidhe) … lead (treoir). Can (canna) … can (féidir le). Rose (rós) … rose (d’éirigh).   Tear (deoir) … tear (stróic).   Bow (bogha) … bow (umhlú).  Bat (ialtóg)…

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To ‘tear down’ a wall (Balla Bheirlín) — i nGaeilge Posted by on Nov 12, 2014

(le Róislín) Writing the last blog, about the Fall of the Wall in Berlin (nasc thíos), I got to thinking about the celebrated phrase, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” Specifically, I was thinking about the verb “to tear down.” So, as you might have guessed, this blog will look at several verbs with related…

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The Fall of the Wall (.i. Balla Bheirlín) … as Gaeilge Posted by on Nov 9, 2014

(le Róislín) Cúig bliana is fiche ó shin thit Balla Bheirlín. Bhuel, ní go díreach “thit.” “Leagadh” an focal ab fhearr, is dócha. At any rate, the “Wall” is not only a timely topic but it can also give us some good vocabulary practice in Irish. Before we check out “wall” in general, let’s look…

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How to say “Internet Cat Video Festival” in Irish (i nGaeilge) Posted by on Nov 7, 2014

(le Róislín) Before we completely move on from Oíche Shamhna and cait or cait dhubha to ceiliúradh na Nollag and carúil, let’s linger over one more cat topic. In fact, I wish I had known about it earlier. Not that I probably would have made it to Minnesota for the Internet Cat Video Festival 2014…

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