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Tar éis an turcaí, céard a bheas agat? An fuílleach! (the leftovers) Posted by on Nov 25, 2014 in Irish Language

(le Róislín)

An lá tar éis Lá Altaithe 28 Mí na Samhna i mbliana).  Many households in America will be wondering what to do with “na fuílligh,” especially “an turcaí.”  In my experience, the brúitín, líonadh, agus súlach don’t last very long after any meal!

Here are some ideas for foods you can make using leftover turkey; translations below:

  1. anraith turcaí [AHN-ruh …]
  2. anraith turcaí le rís fhiáin [… reesh EE-aw-in]
  3. anraith turcaí le domplagáin
  4. borgairí turcaí ( = burgair thurcaí)
  5. builín feola turcaí
  6. casaról turcaí
  7. ceapairí turcaí
  8. ceapairí club turcaí
  9. ceapairí Monte Cristo (le liamhás, turcaí agus cáis Eilvéiseach)
  10. cróicéid turcaí
  11. curaí turcaí
  12. enchiladas turcaí
  13. fillteoga turcaí [FILTch-ohg-uh …]
  14. frittata turcaí
  15. gúláis thurcaí [GOOL-awsh …]
  16. lasagna turcaí (nó cupáin lasagna turcaí)
  17. millíní turcaí
  18. panini turcaí agus bagún le maonáis chipotle
  19. pióg phota turcaí
  20. píotsa turcaí
  21. pozole turcaí
  22. quiche turcaí
  23. raiviólaí turcaí
  24. sailéad turcaí
  25. scilléad turcaí fettuccine
  26. seabhdar turcaí [SHOW-dur, with the -ow like “now” or “cow”]
  27. sillí turcaí meilte
  28. sillí pónairí dubha agus puimcín (agus turcaí ann)
  29. stobhach Brunswick turcaí [stohkh … ]
  30. tostados turcaí
  31. turcaí divan
  32. turcaí primavera
  33. turcaí tetrazzini
  34. turcaí à la king le rís
  35. uibheagán turcaí [IV-ug-awn …]
  36. vols-au-vent turcaí agus asparagas

Bíodh goile agat!  SGF — Róislín

P.S. (29 Mí na Samhna) Wouldn’t you know it?  Shortly after finishing this blog, I found more uses, mar dhea, for turkey leftovers, from no less a personality than F. Scott Fitzgerald.  Thanks to Maria Popova’s blog, Brain Pickings, we can now easily read Fitzgerald’s “Turkey Remains and How to Inter Them, with Numerous Scarce Recipes” from his 1945 collection, The Crack-Up.  The selections range from Turkey Cocktail to Turkey with Whiskey Sauce, and are blatantly tongue-in-cheek.  It’s a great quick read and can be found at (How to Use Your Turkey Leftovers: 13 Ideas from F. Scott Fitzgerald, by Maria Popova).

As for F. Scott Key Fitzgerald’s Irish connections, they’re pretty blatantly obvious also, with a heritage of McQuillans and Fitzgeralds.  While I don’t know of any particular interest on his part in the Irish language, I could note in passing that his name would translate to “Proinsias Albanach (or “Scot,” the Irish spelling) Mac Aoidh Mac Gearailt.  Whether the “Key” element in his name is actually Irish (Mac Aoidh, son of Hugh), or simply the English word “Key,” named for the original Francis Scott Key, remains ambiguous, as far as I can tell from the family tree.  But it does remind us that the spelling of surnames can be misleading.  “Key” as an Irish surname comes from the “-c” of “Mac” combined with the “ee” sound of “Aoidh,” which is the possessive form of “Aodh” (Hugh).

I also can’t help noticing that the “whiskey sauce” referred to above is spelled with an “-ey,” suggesting that F. Scott had Irish whiskey in mind.  If it were “whisky sauce,” the implication would be Scotch.  But all of that whiskey/whisky terminology, plus its Gaelic roots (uisce beatha/uisge beatha) will have to be “ábhar blag eile” since this P.S. is now nearly chomh fada leis an mblag é féin.


        1. anraith turcaí, turkey soup
        2. anraith turcaí le rís fhiáin, turkey soup with wild rice
        3. anraith turcaí le domplagáin, turkey soup with dumplings
        4. borgairí turcaí (burgair thurcaí), turkey burgers
        5. builín feola turcaí, turkey meatloaf
        6. casaról turcaí, turkey casserole
        7. ceapairí turcaí, turkey sandwiches
        8. ceapairí club turcaí, turkey club sandwich
        9. ceapairí Monte Cristo (le liamhás, turcaí agus cáis Eilvéiseach), Monte Cristo sandwiches (with ham, turkey, and Swiss cheese)
        10. cróicéid turcaí, turkey croquettes
        11. curaí turcaí, turkey curry
        12. enchiladas turcaí, turkey enchiladas
        13. fillteoga turcaí, turkey wraps
        14. frittatas turcaí, turkey frittatas
        15. gúláis thurcaí, turkey goulash
        16. lasagna turcaí (nó cupáin lasagna turcaí), turkey lasagna (or turkey lasagna cups)
        17. millíní turcaí, turkey meatballs
        18. panini turcaí agus bagún le maonáis chipotle, turkey and bacon panini with chipotle mayonnaise
        19. pióg phota turcaí, turkey pot pie
        20. píotsa turcaí, turkey pizza
        21. pozole turcaí, turkey pozole
        22. quiche turcaí, turkey quiche
        23. raiviólaí turcaí, turkey ravioli
        24. sailéad turcaí, turkey salad
        25. scilléad turcaí fettuccine, turkey fettuccine skillet
        26. seabhdar turcaí, turkey chowder
        27. sillí turcaí meilte, ground turkey chilli
        28. sillí pónairí dubha agus puimcín (agus turcaí ann), black bean and pumpkin chilli, with turkey in it)
        29. stobhach Brunswick turcaí, turkey Brunswick stew
        30. tostados turcaí, turkey tostados
        31. turcaí divan, turkey divan
        32. turcaí primavera, turkey primavera
        33. turcaí tetrazzini, turkey tetrazzini
        34. turcaí à la king le rís, turkey à la king with rice
        35. uibheagán turcaí, turkey omelette
        36. vols-au-vent turcaí agus asparagas, turkey vols-au-vent with asparagus
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