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On The Pig’s Back vs. On the (implied) Hog’s Back: An Irish Expression Exegetically Examined Posted by on Aug 31, 2016

(le Róislín) A recent query about the Irish expression “on the pig’s back” prompted me to go back to the original blogpost on that topic in this series (nasc thíos, agus GRMA, a Jacqueline).   Apparently over the years (and long before the beginning of this blog in 2009), many people have wondered whether the Irish…

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Deireadh an tSamhraidh, Cuid 3: How to say “I didn’t go to …” in Irish (speaking of ‘Saoirí Samhraidh’) Posted by on Aug 29, 2016

(le Róislín) As mentioned in the last blogpost, today we’ll look at negative answers to some of the questions posed in this “Deireadh an tSamhraidh” series, a continuation of the idea of “What I Did on My Summer Vacation.”  Often when we have “no” answers to questions, we add something like “… but I did…

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Deireadh an tSamhraidh, Cuid 2: How to say where you went this summer (Cá ndeachaigh / An ndeachaigh …?) Posted by on Aug 26, 2016

(le Róislín) As a continuation of the idea of “What I Did on My Summer Vacation,” which we looked at in the last blogpost (nasc thíos), this time we’ll look at saying where you went or where you did the various activities. So the key phrases we’ll be looking at are: Cá ndeachaigh tú? [kaw…

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Deireadh an tSamhraidh: Which of these 10 summer activities did you do this year?  Posted by on Aug 23, 2016

(le Róislín) Although it doesn’t officially end until September 21st (an t-aonú lá is fiche de mhí Mhéan Fómhair), it’s starting to feel like the end of the summer (deireadh an tsamhraidh). So this might be a good time to think of what summertime activities you did this year. Here are some good questions for…

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Na Cluichí Oilimpeacha ó A go Z: The Quiz! (Sports Terms in Irish) Posted by on Aug 20, 2016

(le Róislín) Now that you’ve (hopefully) worked your way through the A-to-Z Olympics glossary that was posted recently (nasc thíos), how about a little fun quiz? An answer key will be provided, so you can see for yourself how you did.  A pronunciation guide will also be added here for some of the trickier ones…

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Na Cluichí Oilimpeacha ó A go Z (An Olympics Alphabet in Irish) Posted by on Aug 16, 2016

(le Róislín) Since de réir aibítre is a fun and convenient way to look at the information about almost any topic, I figured an A to Z guide to the Olympics would be a useful and timely blogpost. Tricky thing, though, is that 8 letters of the English alphabet are not traditionally part of aibítir…

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A Brief Visit with ‘An Tuiseal Ginideach’ Plus a ‘Mioncheistiúchán’ (showing possession or adding description in Irish, plus a little quiz) Posted by on Aug 11, 2016

(le Róislín) Before we completely move away from the “samhradh, samhraidh, an tsamhraidh, and samhraí” theme and the related vocabulary covered in recent blogposts (naisc thíos), I thought it would fun to look at a nice succinct list of examples of “an tuiseal ginideach” (the genitive case), based on Liam Ó Muirthile’s own description of…

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