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An Lorg sa Sneachta (The Track in the Snow): Snow Angels and More in Irish Posted by on Nov 30, 2017

(le Róislín) This may be the time of year when adults (daoine fásta) and children (páistí) alike enjoy making snow angels (aingil shneachta). I haven’t found the term “aingeal sneachta” in an Irish dictionary so far, but it seems to be quite a straightforward combination.  And I did find one (just one!) hit for the…

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Cén tOileán É Seo?  What Island Is This? Posted by on Nov 28, 2017

(le Róislín) I recently noticed an interesting article about an island (nasc thíos), not Irish, but let’s just say, near Ireland (relatively speaking).  It was on the November 26th episode of 60 Minutes, on CBS.  Although the article and video are in English, it’s interesting reading, and it occurred to me that some of the…

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Ar ‘muin’ or ‘mhuin’ or ‘dhroim’ na muice: an Irish expression for “in luck” Posted by on Nov 26, 2017

 (le Róislín) This blogpost will attempt to answer a question raised by reader Fergal on November 7, 2017, in response to the blogpost of May 5th, 2012, which was “Ar Dhroim (Ar Muin) na Muice: Not Quite The Same as “High on the Hog” (nasc thíos).  He asked, “If droim is lenited ‘ar dhroim….’ why…

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Ainmneacha Crann: Irish Names for Trees (native and non-native to Ireland), cuid/pt. 2: Ainm crainn sna logainmneacha  ‘__ __ __ Cinn Trá’ agus ‘Maigh __ __’   Posted by on Nov 23, 2017

 (le Róislín) Today’s tree figures prominently in at least two place names in Ireland, perhaps more.  Curious thing, though, is that even though it’s the same tree, it has two different names in Irish, one much more commonly used today, at least in my experience.  That’s why, in the title of today’s post, the same…

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Irish Words for Dishes Using Turkey Leftovers: 25 Frása i nGaeilge Posted by on Nov 20, 2017

(le Róislín) For this challenge, I’ve eliminated some from the original list of 36 in the 2014 blogpost (nasc thíos), if they just have the word “turcaí” and some other culinary term in Italian or some other language (like “lasagna turcaí” or “turcaí tetrazzini“).  For the remaining 25, listed below, can you fill in the…

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Téarmaí Turcaí (Turkey Terms in Irish):  Wattles, Caruncles and Snoods — Oh My! Posted by on Nov 16, 2017

(le Róislín) Well, the picture above may look like an Ood from Doctor Who, but this actually is a well-wattled turkey, so it will contribute to our seasonal “téama Lá an Altaithe.”  “Lá an Altaithe” is “Thanksgiving.”  We’ve looked at basic turkey terminology in various previous posts, so this one will look at three specific…

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Ainmneacha Crann: Irish Names for Trees (native and non-native to Ireland), cuid/pt. 1 Posted by on Nov 11, 2017

Tree Branch of Cape Ash, posted by Lynn Greyling; Téacs Gaeilge agus dearadh le Róislín, 2017

(le Róislín) Our recent blog on duilleoga (leaves) seemed to be quite popular, so I thought I’d continue with various trees. One of the most interesting pictures I’ve found for a tree in leaf is the one shown above.  A great angle (uillinn iontach!) although I doubt this particular tree grows in Ireland.  The…

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