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An Tragóid i mBerkeley, California Posted by on Jun 25, 2015 in Irish Language

(le Róislín)

I’m sure we’ve all been reading for the past couple of weeks about the tragic balcony collapse in Berkeley, California, and the six deaths that resulted (Ashley Donohoe, Eoghan Culligan, Olivia Burke, Lorcán Miller, Eimear Walsh, Niccolai Schuster). 

First I would like to express my condolences (mo chomhbhrón) to the families of those involved.  For those who were injured (gortaithe), I would just like to express my hopes that they will be “ag bisiú go maith.”  Sadly, it is clear that in some cases the injuries may be permanent, but, as Clodagh Cogley’s inspiring words (“to honour those who died by living the happiest and most fulfilling life possible”) have shown, the spirit is indomitable (dochloíte).

I’ve looked online for articles in Irish about an tragóid.  While the coverage as Béarla, is, not surprisingly, far more vast, there has been steady reporting about the incident in Irish, for example from RTÉ (www.RTÉ.ie/nuacht).  So I thought I’d provide a cróineolaíocht of links to RTÉ’s nuacht with a little vocabulary assistance for foghlaimeoirí.

1)  Seisear Éireannach marbh i Berkeley i stát California  Dé Máirt 16 Meitheamh 2015 18.28

As you can see the URL title says 5 (cúigear) dead since that is what was initially reported.  But the article actually says “seisear” (6 people), the correct figure.

As with a lot of journalism, the “saorbhriathar” (autonomous) verb is used frequently in this article (maraíodh, was/were killed; deirtear, is said; tuigtear, is understood, gortaíodh, was/were injured).

bhásaigh, died

b’amhlaidh, it was thus (that)

uafásach, horrible, terrible

an foirgneamh, building; an fhoirgnimh, of the building

saoránach, citizen; saoránaigh Éireannacha, Irish citizens

imníoch, worried, anxious


Cóir leighis fós á cur ar sheachtar in ospidéil i gCalifornia Dé Céadaoin 17 Meitheamh 2015 18.40

á cur, being put

éagsúil, various; ospidéil éagsúla, various hospitals

ar láthair na tubaiste, on/at the site of the accident

d’fhógair, announced

dlúthpháirtíocht, solidarity


Leabhair chomhbhróin á síniú in ómós na marbh i mBerkeley Déardaoin 18 Meitheamh 2015 18.47

leabhair chomhbhróin, books of condolences (singular: leabhar comhbhróin)

thug balcóin uaidh, a balcony collapsed, literally, “gave from it” i.e. “gave way”

halla cathrach, city hall

an bhigil, the vigil

lasadh, was/were lit

i gcuimhne an tseisir, in memory of the six (people)

seirbhís chuimhneacháin, memorial service

ardeaglais, cathedral

tacaíocht, support


Bláthanna leagtha ag láthair na tubaiste i Berkeley i Stát California Dé hAoine 19 Meitheamh 2015 14.59

an tAire Diaspóra, Minister of State for the Diaspora

ina dteannta, among them

cailliúint, a loss

todhchaí, future (n)

ag freastal, attending

cóisir, party; le linn cóisire, during a party

am Mheiriceá, American time


Beirt eile a maraíodh i California á n-adhlacadh i mBaile Átha Cliath inniu 10Dé Céadaoin 24 Meitheamh 2015 18.39

sochraid, funeral

breis is seachtain ó shin, a little over a week ago

á cur, being buried (feminine form), á chur, being buried (masculine form)

Carraig an tSionnaigh, Foxrock

inar baisteadh í, in which she was baptized

léadh, was read

fortacht, succour

síoraí, perpetual

caomhnóir, patron (also means “guardian”)

Ráth Garbh, Rathgar

go n-aireofaí uathu é, that he would be missed, lit. that he would be felt (missing) from them


Gan aon duine bheith á fhiosrú faoi thragóid Bherkley [sic] Dé Céadaoin 24 Meitheamh 2015 18.39

dheimhnigh, confirmed

eachtra, incident

urlabhraí, spokesperson

críonlobhadh, dry rot

tionchar, influence

torthaí, results (plural of toradh, fruit)

Really, for all of these “focail,” there are no words to truly express the depth of this tragedy.  I only hope that providing these links and a gluais will help those interested in reading about the news in Irish and provide some further insight into the situation.  Go brónach, Róislín

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