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Bronntanais Choitianta agus Neamhchoitianta (don Nollaig) Posted by on Dec 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

Céard iad na bronntanais Nollag is fearr leat?  Here are some gifts, common and uncommon, and definitions.  Which are your favorite?  Moltaí ar bith?  Any suggestions?

And now for the instructions.  An féidir leat iad a mheaitseáil?  Agus na bearnaí a líonadh isteach?  Freagraí thíos.

Nóta a hAon: some of the blanks reflect foirmeacha gramadaí (i.e. plural endings, etc.).  Others simply have to do with spelling conventions.

Nóta a Dó: There is one extra entry sa cholún Béarla, ar son an dúshláin. 

1. cnap gua__l a. a box of chocolates
2. mior__ b. front teeth
3. bosca seacláid__ c. frankincense
4. teilif__s d. lump of coal
5. airgead __irim e. gold (nuggets or coins)
6. ór (i __cnaip nó i mbo__nn) f. television
7. tú__s g. gift card
8. cárta bronntana__s h. cash
9. capall Traí__ch i. partridge in a pear tree
10. fiacl__ tosaigh (de réir an amhráin) j. myrrh
(folamh d’aonturas) k. a Trojan horse


1.. cnap guail, d; 2. miorr, j; 3. bosca seacláidí, a; 4. teilifís, f; 5. airgead tirim, h; 6. ór (i gcnaip nó i mboinn), e; 7. túis, c; 8. cárta bronntanais, g; 9. capall Traíoch, k; 10. fiacla tosaigh, b.

You might have noticed while doing this that the word “bronntanais” has two meanings.  Of course they’re closely related, since both are based on “bronntanas” (gift).

bronntanais, gifts, as in “na bronntanais Nollag

bronntanais, of (a) gift, as in “cárta bronntanais” (a gift card, lit. a card of gift)

Tá súil agam gur bhain tú sult as seo! 

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