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Irish Numbers 1 – 20 with video Posted by on Nov 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

numbers image by Irargerich via flickrWe’ve put together this table of Irish numbers from 1 to 20 for all students just getting started in the Irish language. We’ve also included a video with voice pronunciation below.  One of the most important – and difficult – things a self-guided learner needs to do is practice speaking your target language out loud.  Do it anyway; this is a very important part of the learning process!

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1 a haon uh hayn
2 a dó uh doh
3 a trí uh trzhee
4 a ceathair uh KyAH-hirzh
5 a cúig uh KOO-ig
6 a sé uh shay
7 a seacht uh shakht
8 a hocht uh hokht
9 a naoi uh nee
10 a deich uh djeh
11 a haon déag uh hayn djayg
12 a dó dhéag uh doh yayg
13 a trí déag uh trzhee djayg
14 a ceathair déag uh KyAH-hirzh djayg
15 a cúig déag uh KOO-ig djayg
16 a sé déag uh shay djayg
17 a seacht déag uh shakht djayg
18 a hocht déag uh hokht djayg
19 a naoi déag uh nee djayg
20 fiche FIH-heh

Here’s the video.  Happy language learning!

Keep learning Irish with us!

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  1. Ryan Skains:

    QQ – to say seventeen in Gaelic, do you use the “a” before? seacht deag or a seacht deag?

    • róislín:

      @Ryan Skains A Riain, a chara,
      “a seacht déag” for most basic purposes, like “Bus a Seacht Déag” or “a seacht déag” mar chuid de sheoladh. But if actually saying how much/many of something you have, there’s no “a” (seacht mbó dhéag, seacht leabhar déag). HTH

  2. Paidi Fitzpatrick:

    why is 12 dheag and the rest are deag

  3. Fergal Paul Hughes:

    Does “seacht” ever have a fada over the “e”?

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