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Irish sayings Posted by on Apr 30, 2021 in Idioms, Irish Language

Haigh, a chairde!

Expressions and sayings are always important to learn to sound more native, so here are some common Irish sayings. Feel free to write more in the comments!

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Go néirí an bóthar leat

Translation: May the road be successful with you

Meaning: Good luck on your journey (literal and figurative)

Níl saoi gan locht

Translation: There isn’t a wise man without fault

Meaning: We have all got our weaknesses

Giorraíonn beirt bóthar

Translation: Two people shorten the road

Meaning: Life is better with companionship

Drochubh, drochéan

Translation: A bad egg, a bad bird.

Meaning: Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree (negative)

Ar scáth a chéile a mhaireann na daoine

Translation: Under the shelter of each other, people survive

Meaning: Life is better with a community, companionship

Is olc an ghaoth nach séideann do dhuine éigin

Translation: It is a bad wind that does not blow to somebody

Meaning: No matter how bad something that happens, someone will benefit

Is fearr Gaeilge briste, ná Béarla clíste

Translation: Broken Irish is better than clever English

Meaning: Promote the use of Irish at any level

An té a luíonn le madaí, eiroidh sé le dearnaid.

Translation: He who lies down with dogs, gets up with fleas

Meaning: Being in bad company gets you in trouble

Níl aon tinteán mar do thinteán féin

Translation: There’s no hearth like your own hearth

Meaning: There’s no place like home

Ní chaitheann an chaint an t-éadach.

Translation: Talk doesn’t wear the clothes

Meaning: Talk is cheap

Mol an óige agus tiocfaidh sí

Translation: Praise the young and they will flourish

Meaning: Positive reinforcement is best for children

Cuir síoda ar ghabhar ach is gabhar i gcónaí é

Translation: Dress a goat in silk and he still remains a goat

Meaning: You can’t change someone or something




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