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Titles, Quotes, and Sayings in Irish to Practice Terms for ‘Daoine Muinteartha’ (Family Members), Cuid/Part 3 Posted by on Dec 6, 2016

(le Róislín) OK, all of these deal with cousins, so I’ve filled in the Irish word for “cousin” where it appears in the singular.  The dúshlán, such as it is, for the entries that already have “col ceathar” in them (uimhreacha 1, 2, 3, agus 4) is to remember the name of the cousin –…

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Five More Irish Names for Girls: Daifne, Dafnae (Daphne), Pt. 2 of ‘Names with a Flower Theme (Bláth / Bláithín / Bláthnaid, Daifne / Dafnae, Lil / Lile, Nóinín, Róisín / Róis / Róise, and, sort of, Mairéad / Maighréad)’ Posted by on Apr 30, 2016

(le Róislín) We interrupted this “mionsraith” on “ainmneacha” to acknowledge the passing of Prince, which then led to a discussion of the word “siamsaíocht” in its various forms, since Prince was a “sár-réalta shiamsaíochta.”  So now let’s return to some names.  This particular set deals with “ainmneacha ban” whose theme is “bláthanna.”  First we dealt…

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Cén Ghaeilge atá ar “rusticle”? An Ann Di (Dó)? Posted by on Apr 15, 2012

(le Róislín) Amongst the many interesting topics raised by the Titanic centennial, at least one language query emerges.  Cén Ghaeilge atá ar “rusticle?”  First, let’s define “rusticle,” since it’s a fairly new word in the English language.  It was coined by Robert D. Ballard after he discovered the Titanic, draped with strands of rust on…

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