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Cluasa Creimirí, Coiníní, agus Bilbithe: A Little Break from our Irish Words for Pets Series Posted by on Jul 29, 2017

(le Róislín) Let’s take a little break from peataí as such (our recent theme) and look more closely at, yes, cluasa (ears).  Why?  Well, did you notice those amazing jerboa ears in the last blogpost?  If not, please check it out (nasc thíos).  Or try to find them in the graphic above.  Nach iontach iad?…

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An bhfuil peata agat?  Talking about Pets in Irish: Seirbilí agus Muca Guine (Gerbils and Guinea Pigs) Posted by on Jul 27, 2017

(le Róislín) We could say that “Peataí go leor” has been our recent “téama,” and we’ve covered the following so far: cait, piscíní, madraí, pearóidí, hamstair. Next we’ll take up a couple more popular pets: seirbilí agus muca guine. Actually, for years, I checked all the available Irish dictionaries for the Irish for “gerbil” and…

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