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Mothúcháin: Joy, Melancholy, Indifference, Astonishment and more, in Irish Posted by on May 21, 2015

(le Róislín) In the last blog post, we looked at four emotions as shown in an early example of emoticons.  They pre-date the English word “emoticon” by about a century, being from an 1881 issue of Puck magazine.  Perhaps we should call them “proto-emoticons,” which in Irish could be either “prótastraoiseoga” or “luathstraoiseoga.”  Either way…

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Grins, Grimaces, and Emoticons: Straoiseanna and Straoiseoga in Irish Posted by on May 18, 2015

(le Róislín) I was tickled pink (is there an emoji for that?) when I found out that the Irish language had its own word for “emoticon.”  The word “straoiseog” [STREESH-ohg] isn’t based on either of the two words that make up “emoticon.”  A classic portmanteau word, “emoticon” in English is quite transparently based on “emotion”…

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Meaitseáil Na Téarmaí (Téarmaí Shéasúr na Nollag) Posted by on Dec 29, 2011

(le Róislín) We’ve had lots of vocabulary lately, much of which might be new to many readers.  So how about a little review, matching the holiday concept or item to the holiday involved?  The holidays will be listed in Colún A and the items and concepts in Colún B.  And once again, for the dúshlán…

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A Lán Lann – A Lot of Places (with the Suffix “–lann”) Posted by on Mar 15, 2009

(le Róislín) You may have noticed Transparent Language’s recent WOTD, an bhialann, the restaurant, and you may recognize a keyword in this expression, “bia” (food).  It’s helpful to know the suffix “–lann” also, since it is used to make dozens of words. The suffix comes from the word “lann,” which has many meanings, including “land,” “ground,”…

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