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Uirlisí Ceoil: Musical Instruments (18 Irish Words or Phrases) Posted by on Apr 7, 2018

(le Róislín) Recently we’ve been looking at the Irish words for various musical instruments, particularly those used for playing ceol traidisiúnta (naisc thíos). Today we’ll review the ten terms previously introduced and add eight more.  Additional suggestions are welcome, especially if anyone can think of some non-traditional instruments (uirlisí neamhthraidisiúnta) for playing ceol traidisiúnta. Today, we’ll…

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How to pronounce ‘shiamsaíochta’ in Irish Posted by on Apr 28, 2016

(le Róislín) There seems to be an unstated rule in language learning that the longer a new word is, the more we hesitate before pronouncing it.   This can apply in many languages … antidisestablishmentarianism … anticonstitutionellment … Siebentausendzweihundertvierundfünfzig … leas-phríomhfheidhmeannaigh … or pinagpinamamagaspasan, to name just a few. And I don’t even want to start…

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An seinneann tú an pianó? An giotár? Uirlis eile? (musical instruments in Irish) Posted by on Mar 31, 2015

(le Róislín) In the last four blogs, we’ve practiced sentences like “I’m playing the fiddle” or “Mickey Hart is playing the drums.”  Anois, cad fútsa?  An seinneann tusa aon uirlis cheoil?  An fhidil?  An pianó?  An giotár?  Na drumaí? In the previous four blogs, most of our sentences used the phrase “ag seinm,” which meant…

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You Say You Want a Resolution, bhuel, tá ‘fhios ‘ad … Úúps, “Revolution” a Bhí i gCeist ag na Beatles Posted by on Jan 17, 2013

(le Róislín) Ar ndóigh, “resolution” (dea-rún) atá i gceist againne anseo.  “Réabhlóid” (revolution) a bhí i gceist ag na Beatles.  Ach oiriúnaíonn sé rithim an amhráin — sin é mo leithscéal (excuse)! In the last blog, we discussed “dea-rúin” (resolutions), at least from “dearcadh na leipreachán” (  Let’s look now at the actual word for…

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An Bhfuil Ceol Agat? An Seinneann Tú an tAltsacsafón … an Xileafón? Posted by on Jun 17, 2009

 (le Róislín) There are several ways to ask in Irish if someone plays music.  Probably the most general is “An bhfuil ceol agat?”  This literally means “Is there music at you” and refers to playing or singing.  The construction where an activity is “at you” is widely used to ask about skills or abilities.  Some more…

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