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Speaking of Christmas in Irish — Does It End with ‘-ig,’ ‘-ag,’ or “igí”? Posted by on Dec 6, 2014

(le Róislín) OK, admittedly, we’re not going to use the last choice (‘-igí [IG-ee]) all that often.  But I added it to today’s discussion for two reasons.  One is for a sense of completion.  If we’re going to say “Christmas” (An Nollaig) and “of Christmas” (na Nollag), we might as well be prepared to use…

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Nollaig nó Nollag (How To Say ‘Christmas’ or ‘of Christmas’ in Irish) Posted by on Dec 24, 2013

(le Róislín) As Christmas approaches, you might be wondering why there’s such a constant variation of whether to say “Nollaig” or “Nollag,” and in a similar vein, “An Nollaig” or “na Nollag.” First, the basic answer, and then some examples. And before that, a pronunciation pointer. What is the difference in sound between “Nollaig” and…

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