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Deatach Dubh, Deatach Bán … agus Pápa! Posted by on Mar 10, 2013

(le Róislín) The selection of a new pope gives us an interesting opportunity to look at some Irish vocabulary, in particular, the words for “smoke,” the colors “black” (dubh) and “white” (bán), and, for good measure, “gray” (liath), and “conclave.”    And of course, the word for “pope,” which is “pápa.” Let’s start with “deatach dubh”…

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Puimcín Amháin, Dhá Phuimcín, Trí Phuimcín, Ollphuimcín … Puimcíní Go Leor (One Pumpkin … Pumpkins Galore, and the Great Pumpkin too) Posted by on Oct 18, 2012

(le Róislín) More counting practice, this time, le bheith tráthúil, le puimcíní.  First a quick review of the basic set-up for counting objects in Irish: the word for “one” follows the noun, other numbers come before the noun, two through six cause lenition (here, “p” becoming “ph”), and seven through ten cause eclipsis (here, “p”…

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