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Níos Mó Téarmaí Vailintín Posted by on Feb 17, 2011

(le Róislín) Here’s a final round-up of some terms pertaining to love, ranging from the requited to the unrequited (grá leatromach): cion, love, affection Tá cion agam ar Shinéad, I’m fond of Sinéad This word also shows up sa tuiseal ginideach (“ceana“) in various phrases, like: ainm ceana, a pet name, a fond name Seán an cheana…

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An Briathar “Gráigh!” (Love!) i nGaeilge Posted by on Feb 14, 2011

(le Róislín) The more I look into it, the more unusual features this verb seems to have.  Interesting, and a bit complex, especially because of overlapping forms and near homonyms that are actually antonyms.  Good news?  It’s not used nearly as much as the forms we’ve recently gone over, especially “Mo ghrá thú.”  So if you…

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Dóigheanna le “I Love You!” a Rá i nGaeilge: Let Me Count the Ways! Posted by on Feb 12, 2011

(le Róislín) Many languages, perhaps most, have numerous ways to say “I love you!” and Irish is no exception.  But, compared to other languages, Irish may be somewhat unusual in not really using the verb “to love,” as such, as much as it uses noun phrases.  Examples would include calling the object of your affection…

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