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Traein na nDineasár: Gluaisín do Théamamhrán an Chláir Teilifíse (Cuid 3/3) Posted by on Jul 15, 2013 in Irish Language

As Gaeilge! (ar fáil ó

As Gaeilge! (ar fáil ó

(le Róislín)

One more “Dinosaur Train” vocabulary blog and I’m sure we’ll reach deireadh an amhráin.   By way of review (súil siar), I’ve included all the key words previously discussed in this mionsraith at the bottom of this blog.  And once again, if anyone hasn’t yet checked out the leagan Gaeilge of the téamamhrán for the clár teilifíse “Traein na nDineasár,” you can find it at

First, let’s look at that “líon isteach an bhearna” bit from the last blog.  Ar smaoinigh tú ar an bhfocal ceart, an focal a thosaíonn le “d” (le haghaidh na huama) agus atá feilíúnach don chomhthéacs?

dineasár  d  _  _ _  den scoth (leid: tá ceithre litir (4 letters) ag an bhfocal (“d” an chéad litir).  Freagra thíos.

Next, let’s check a few more words, and, in particular, some verbs in the future tense.

gheobhaimid [YOH-ih-midj], we will get

rachaimid [RAHKH-ih-midj], we will go

feicfimid, we will see [remember the middle “f” is pronounced like an “h”]

And the final round up:

ticéid, tickets

is cuma faoi, it doesn’t matter about

an oiread sin, such an amount of (referring to “ainmhithe“)

Hopefully now that will be enough vocabulary for you to get through the recording on the TG4 website without having to stop and figure out so many phrases.

As for getting the DVD, mholfainn go mór é.  I would suggest, however, that North American readers double-check if there are any zone restrictions, or if their seinnteoir/ríomhaire can handle any format of DVD.  I think the era of all those zone restrictions is finally winding down, as more and more material is simply “sruthaithe,” but I’m still left with a library of fístéipeanna san fhormáid líne phasailtéarnaithe (aka PAL).  And not all of them are actually available as físdioscaí digiteacha (i.e. DVDanna).  <osna>.  SGF, Róislín

Gluaisín don ghluaisín: mholfainn [WOL-hin], I would suggest/recommend; sruthaithe, streamed; uaim, alliteration (uama, of alliteration)

Freagra do cheist na huamadineasár deas den scoth, a nice fine dinosaur.  “Den scoth” could actually be translated a few ways, such as “of (top) choice” or “top-pick,” since “scoth” is actually a noun.  Ironically, or perhaps (?) deliberately, a little double entendre could be implied here, since there is another completely different word “scoth,”  meaning “a branch of a family.”  This second “scoth” is not as widely used as “scoth” for “pick” or “choice,” but one never knows what might be up a clever lyricist’s sleeve.  “Mam” could perhaps be reinforcing the position of “Buddy” within the family.   Hmmm!

nasc  (do na DVDanna): or just go to and search for “traein“.  Additional links (via ) are and

naisc do na hiarghluaisíní don chlár “Traein na nDineasár” ag

Blag 1/3: 1) fadó fadó, 2) Bean Uí Tearanódóin, 3) ina suí, 4) ag goradh, 5) ceann le ceann, 6) beagán níos mó )

Blag 2/3: 7) fiacla dúbailte, 8) cosúlacht, 9) difriúil, 10) ainmhí [don’t forget the “helping” vowel in pronouncing that one, it’s like “AN-iv-ee”]

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