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Haigh, a chairde!

As more and more people get vaccinated, it seems as if travel this summer is back on the table. So if you are planning a summer time trip to Ireland, check out some travel related vocabulary below.

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Hello (initial greeting, lit. God to you) – Dia duit
Hello (in response, lit. God and Mary to you) – Dia is Muire duit
Hello (second response, lit. God, Mary, and St. Patrick to you)- Dia, Muire, agus Pádraig duit
Good morning – Dia dhuit ar maidin
Good night – Oíche mhaith agat
Goodbye (when someone else leaves) – Slá leat
Goodbye (when you leave) – Slán agat

Do you speak Irish? – An bhfuil Gaeilge agat?

How do you say that in Irish? – Conas a déarfádh sin as Gaeilge?

How are you? – Conas atá tú (Connacht)
How are you? – Cén chaoi a bhfuil tú (Munster)
How are you? – Cad é mar atá tú? (Ulster)
I’m very well, thank you – Tá mé go maith, go raibh maith agat
Good, thank you – Go maith, go raibh maith agat
What is your name? – Cad is ainm duit?
My name is… – … is ainm dom

Nice to meet you – Tá sé deas bualadh leat

Please – Le do thoil

Thank you – Go raibh maith agat
You’re welcome – Tá fáilte romhat

Open – Oscailte 

Closed- Dúnta

Police – Garda

Information – Eolais

Tourist information – Oifig Eolais 

OK – Ceart go leor
Excuse me – Go mo leithscéal
I’m very sorry – Tá mé buartha
I don’t understand – Ní thuigim
I understand – Tuigim
I don’t speak Irish – Níl Gaeilge agam
Please repeat that slowly – Abair arís é go mall, le do thoil
How much is this? – Cá mhéad atá air seo?
How much does that cost? – Cá mhéad atá air sin?
Where is the toilet? – Cá bhfuil an leithreas
Can I have… – An bhféadfainn
I would like… – Ba mhaith liom
ticket – an ticéad
round trip – an turas fillte
I would like to pay with a credit card – Ba mhaith liom íoc le cárta creidmheasa
airline –an aerlíne
American consulate – an chonsalacht Mheiriceánach
I would like to buy a ticket to… – Ba mhaith liom ticéad a fháil go…
reservation – an áirithint
consulate – an chonsalacht
Do you speak English? – An bhfuil Béarla agat?
to understand – a thuiscint
Do you understand? – An dtuigeann tú?
How much is it? – Cé mhéad atá air?
Do you have my reservation? – An bhfuil m’áirithint agat?
train – an traein
What time do we land? – Cén t-am a thiocfaimid i dtír?
I’m in a hurry – Tá deifir orm
luggage – an bagáiste
bank – an banc
Where is the closest ATM located? – Cá bhfuil an UMB is congaraí dúinn?
When is…? – Cathain atá…?
restroom – an leithreas
I have nothing to declare – Níl rud ar bith le n-admháil agam
airport – an t-aerfort
Where? –
How? – Conas
Where is/are…? – Cá bhfuil
How much? – Cá mhéad
Who? –
When? – Cén uair
Why? – Cén fáth
What? – Cad é
Which? – Cé acu
Just a warning: the Irish do NOT say “top o’ the morning to you.” It’s a stereotype that may be met with some eye-rolls, so it’s best to simply greet using the Irish sayings above.
If you are planning a trip this summer, let me know in the comments!
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