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Tuilleadh Téarmaí Bia – More Food Terms in Irish Posted by on Jun 26, 2009 in Irish Language

Here are a few of the traditional dishes, and a few not so traditional


Arán donn: brown bread.  An maith leat arán donn?  Do you like brown bread?


Arán sóide: soda bread.  An ndearna tú féin an t-arán sóide seo?  Tá sé an-bhlasta!

Did you yourself make this soda bread.  It’s very tasty!


Im: butter.  Dhéantaí im i gcuinneog.  Butter used to be made in a churn. 


Ime: of butter. 


Prionta ime: a pat of butter.  Tá an prionta ime seo an-fhuar.  Tá sé deacair é a smearadh ar an arán.  This pat of butter is very cold.  It’s hard to spread it on the bread.


Subh bhiabhóige: rhubarb jam.  Bíonn arán donn an-bhlasta le him agus le subh bhiabhóige air.  Brown bread is very tasty with butter and rhubarb jam on it. 


Ubh: egg.  Ubh bhogbhruite.  A soft-boiled egg.


Uibheacha friochta: fried eggs.


Ispíní: sausages


Putóg bhán: white pudding


Putóg dhubh: black pudding


The above ingredients would make a tasty Irish bricfeasta.  Except perhaps for the puddings, which are, to put it mildly, an acquired taste.  Much more popular it seems among the native Irish than even the most intrepid Gael-Mheiriceánaigh.  But one can at least say that these are breakfast puddings, not like a milseog, which would be a dessert pudding. 


And here are some of the less traidisiúnta:


Ceapaire im píseanna talún agus subh: a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Just make sure you say “jam” instead of “jelly” in English if you’re in Ireland or the U.K., or you’ll get a peanut butter and Jell-O (gelatin) sandwich.  And perhaps a strange look!  Note also that the phrase for “peanuts” is based partly on another name for the same food, groundnuts (talún means “of ground” or “of the ground”).     


Spaigití: An bhfuil an spaigití réidh?  Is the spaghetti ready? 


Píotsa: Tá an píotsa seo an-te.  This pizza is very hot. 


Curaí: Tá an curaí seo an-spíosrach.  This curry is very spicy.


And, finally, green bagels redux, béigil uaine! 

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