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What Comes After “Ceann, Gualainn, Glúin is Cos?” “Súile, Cluasa, Béal is Srón” Posted by on Sep 23, 2009 in Irish Language

So you’ve probably been diligently stretching and touching your toes, singing, “Ceann, Gualainn, Glúin is Cos” and wondering what comes next.  Well, maybe you’d already figured it out, but, ar eagla na heagla (just in case):


“súile, cluasa, béal is srón”


Here’s a little more detail on some of the words:


súil, an eye; an tsúil [say: un TOO-il, the “s” is silent], the eye; na súile, the eyes


cluas, an ear; an chluas [say: un KHLOO-uss],  the ear; na cluasa, the ears


béal, a mouth; an béal, the mouth; na béil, the mouths


srón, a nose; an tsrón [say: un trohn, silent “s”], the nose; na sróna, the noses


And how about a few idioms for these?


1. Tá súil agam go bhfuil sé anseo.  I hope he’s here.  (“súil” can also mean “hope”)


2. Bíonn cluasa ar na claíocha.  Walls have ears


3. Dún do bhéal!  Shut up!  (Shut your mouth!) aka “Dún do ghob” agus “Dún do chlab!”


4. Bhain sé an tsrón díom, He bit my nose off.


Note: “claí” usually means a stone wall or fence, or a dike; the most basic word for a walls is “ballai.”

But if we said “ar na ballaí,” this seanfhocal wouldn’t be (pick the best answer and see below):


1) ciallmhar              2) uamach                3) ardteicniúil                       d) sean


Hopefully these last couple of blaganna helped burned a few calraí, as long as you were ag síneadh do mhéir i dtreo an chinn, na gualainne, na glúine, srl., agus ag cromadh anuas (pointing your finger to the head, the shoulder, the knee, etc., and stooping down), and as the tachráin always enjoy, doing it go gasta agus níos goiste arís (fast and still faster). 


Freagra: Which did you pick?  ciallmhar, sensible; uamach, alliterative; ardteicniúil, high-tech, or sean, old


An Freagra Ceart: uamach (from uaim, alliteration)

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